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An interview with myself (The Nervous Breakdown)

An Interview: Poetry and the Magic of Sheep Shearing (Escape Into Life)

A woman standing by a stone wall (The Nervous Breakdown)

A woman standing by a stone wall (Soundzine)

About Nests and Springs in Montana (Albatross)

And Not Forgetting Bees (Autumn Sky Daily)

And Yes, the River Waits (

Approaching Strangers (Wilderness House Literary Review)

At Ruby’s Diner (Fifth Wednesday Journal) (Whale Sound)

Beatrice Says I May Call Her Jeep (Contemporary American Voices)

Bees, Hauling and Otherwise (Escape Into Life)

Between Daisy and Lulu Pass (The Literary Bohemian)

Between My Back Porch and Sheffield’s Pond (Tonopah Review)

Breakfast at the Owl Cafe (2River View)

Camping at Six Thousand Feet (Naugatuck River Review)

Confession Along the Missouri River Shore (Escape Into Life)

Cookiegirl (Flutter Journal)

Cooking in Her Kitchen (BAP Quarterly)

curls (Soundzine)

Driving Home from my Father’s House by Way of County Cork (Innisfree Poetry Journal)

Energy Fields (Art & Document)

Even on Monday (Wilderness House Literary Review)

Five White Pickups (YB Poetry Journal)

For Jodie Esther Wanda Grace (Soundzine)

Gas Station Guy (Wilderness House Literary Review

Grounded (Hobble Creek Review)

Having Never Studied Engineering (Temenos Journal)

Helping Boyd and Judy Move (Temenos Journal)

His Mid-Life Accent (Wilderness House Literary Review)

Her Blue Bowl (Touch, The Journal of Healing

How to Draw an Albino Coyote (Camas, the Journal of the West)

In a moment’s notice (Untitled Country Review)

Instructions on How to Tell the Mercenary’s Story (Sliver of Stone)

Kokanee (Escape Into Life)

Leave it to Floyd at the County Ranch Supply Store (YB Journal)

Lessons Learned on West Rosebud Creek (Right Hand Pointing)

Living Inside a Diamond (Contemporary American Voices)

Macular Degeneration: The Box of Rice Krispies and Bag of Marshmallows on the Pharmacy Counter (Touch, The Journal of Healing)

Making Good Use of August (Soundzine)

Mercy Tin (Touch, The Journal of Healing)

Mike (Leveler)

On the Corner of Junipero, Learning Not to Hold the Chili Powder (Avatar Review)

Pryor Mountain Ice (

Redmittengirl Reads Bukowski (Babel Fruit)

Reztoration (Prick of the Spindle)

Rock, Patience, River (Contemporary American Voices)

Six Miles After the Pavement Ends (Escape Into Life)

Skatepark Kid (Temenos Journal)

Somewhere Close by We Hear Bongos (Right Hand Pointing)

Somewhere in Manhattan (Pirene’s Fountain)

Sometimes Becky Needs a Birch Canoe (Prick of the Spindle)

Squint (Untitled Country Review)

Tanta Berta (Touch, The Journal of Healing)

The Montana Girl Speaks of Water (Babel Fruit)

The Peppermint Bottle (Blue Print Review)

The Present Perfect (Pirene’s Fountain)

The Round Trip to Bonners Ferry (Contemporary American Voices)

The Year of the Tree (Innisfree Poetry Journal)

This Was Supposed to Be About Karl But It Didn’t End Up That Way (PANK)

Two Small Heaps of River Stone (Soundzine)

Waiting at the Airport (Avatar Review)

Waiting for the Snow Front, Watching out for Deer (Blast Furnace)

Watercolors Need to Avoid Direct Sunlight (2River View)

When to Speak of Bridges, When to Speak of Getting Old (Lily Lit Review)

Will (Innisfree Poetry Journal)

Writing a Poem While My Boyfriend Watches (Innisfree Poetry Journal)

Waiting at the Luncheon Counter for My Tuna Melt (Barnwood International Poetry Review)

Yellowtail Canyon (The Literary Bohemian)


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