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Making Good Use of August

Cover Art by Nadine Hergenrider

Publisher: Finishing Line Press

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Released August 3, 2012 from Aldrich Press.

“Cracking Geodes Open” is my first full collection of poetry. Email me (redmittengirl (at)yahoo (dot) com) if you’d like a signed copy, or you can also order a copy direct from Amazon.

In “Cracking Geodes Open,” Sherry O’Keefe crystallizes moments of experience and memory gathered or chiseled from relationships. Her finds range from the mountains and plains of Montana, to the farms and villages of Ireland, and the streets of Manhattan. With a deft use of direct narrative and spare lyrical forms, O’Keefe turns over each stone, examining its weathered face, finding its one true seam. Once inside, we get a strong sense of place, a feeling of being at home in the world, among friends. These crystalline poems reminded me that, ultimately, we are part of a larger, more complex formation of relationships, a constellation of old and new friends, loves, acquaintances, and close or distant relations, some of whom we have not yet met.

–Scot Siegel, Untitled Country Review

Cracking Geodes Open is an invitation to Montana – its people, rivers, street corners, and remote diners. This is poetry of the place rather than about the place, filled with astute observations and wisdom undercut with quirky details. Engaging, witty, and wise, this is a book that lets the world in. It takes the reader by the hand as confidant, whispering, here, join me…. See what I see….

–Rose Hunter, YB Poetry Journal


The Peppermint Bottle is available in both print and eFormat from Cast Iron Press, and consists of a collection of the most popular Too Much August, Not Enough Snow posts from May2010-May 2011.

The eBook version for Kindle comes with a working Table of Contents links, allowing the reader to easily navigate to a favorite post from the comfort of an eReader. Take the peppermint with you wherever you go. Yes!

For more details, or to order the eBook: click here. To order the print version, click here. Cover Art: Many thanks to julia davies!


Coming One Day:

On the corner of first and prairie is a collection of beautifully crafted interconnecting poems and poetic essays set amongst the rivers, mountains, and remote diners of Sherry O’Keefe’s native Montana. O’Keefe is a wonderfully astute observer of the illogicalities and enchanted disjunctions of the everyday, as well as those moments in which joy and pain come sharply into focus.

Witness the steelheads return to their rivers, or the sound a pheasant makes when running for deeper cover…. And what about the importance of generous rugs, or how Frankie lost his ten-pound motion? How many ways are there to tell the story of abandon, the sound of being found, or an artist born without paint? Or how Fishing Guy’s eyes fill with wist….

“Do you know—being filled with wist? The feel of leaving the ocean’s edge?”

Sherry O’Keefe writes in a spirit of openness but not confession. Her essays are clear-eyed and open-hearted; she observes ordinary moments that pass by the rest of us and transmutes them into gems.
– Timothy Cahill
Founding Director of the Center for Documentary Arts, Albany, New York.
Editor, Art and Document.

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