don’t hit done


The roads are fast, but the walking is slow.

Expectations can get in the way of the light. (Neil Young)

Although she couldn’t see—we all knew this & she knew it, too—she still wanted to peek.

Massive bursts of Hamilton.

When you do pay attention, what currency do you use?

There is a place to go where memory doesn’t reach.

An apple ladder.

If you are afraid of something, put a handle on it.  (Jonathan Ive)

Gloves laid on a table, like a passport, allow us in.

You can trap bees in a jar without a lid.  A bee medallion, fit inside an antique shoe clip and suspended like a pendant hangs from a delicate brass chain around my neck. Bees are at risk in this world. We forget we need them. When they fly, bees don’t look up. They look forward, or even—they look left and right. When trapped in that circular space known also as a jar, looking up was not part of their exit plan.

Ten days of waiting for a biopsy result from an unplanned, sudden biopsy. When the news came, it came over a phone I didn’t know the doctor knew about. The news was good. That’s what benign means. It also means a mountain steeper than you want to climb. It also means: Be kind.


: Photo taken inside the school where my daughter teaches. This is how late she works at night.

: PS – Apparently Word Press adds advertisements to our blogs unless we pay them to not do so. If ads appear in any of my posts, they aren’t from me. But I do thank Word Press for this free platform.


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12 responses to “don’t hit done

  1. I love the exit sign. And the benign news. I don’t see any ads.

  2. Kerry O'Gorman

    Marvelous thoughts….so many to ponder…bees not looking up, who knew? Glad to hear someone speak of them even in the winter.

    • redmitten

      kerry- i’ve been so far removed this season and am just now getting back to the world of bees and kind friends. i mentioned the bee crisis at a holiday function a few weeks ago- no one knew….

  3. So glad your biopsy was good news. Love the bee facts. So, if they can’t look up, they never know that the sky is really falling? Poor bees. And silly humans. We have to look up at the sky, then, for them, don’t we?

    • redmitten

      ha! and somewhere is this cool video i watched a few years ago about how to trap certain birds…you lead them to the trap with feed…they follow the feed and get “trapped”…the only way out is to go back out the way you came, but this doesn’t occur to them. hmmm…

  4. I’d never heard, “If you are afraid of something, put a handle on it.” The image makes me chuckle and I picture someone much bigger than the fear coming to carry it away. And I think everything always means: Be Kind. So glad for your benign news. xo

    • redmitten

      marylinn, being kind seems like we are overstating the obvious, but when we are treated truly kindly by another, we realize how good that is and how much more we can do to extend ourselves. i think of you as a great example of kindness.

  5. If you are afraid of something, put a handle on it! OMG! I love that… I feel like it belongs inscribed somewhere…in concrete or maybe painted in the windowsill. 😛

  6. I have been remiss re your blog! I was so glad and am so glad re this news. 🙂
    …Ads appear sometimes on my blog. A few people have told me they’ve seen them. They don’t seem to come up all the time though…. I don’t see any on yours right now.

    • redmitten

      rose, oh good to know. i would gladly pay wordpress on tuesday for a hamburger today, but alas there are no funds. i could also earn funds by outright allowing wordpress to run ads regularly on this blog, but i didn’t want to turn this into a fund-maker. instead, wordpress as it sees fit may place ads to earn funds for itself because i have declined to choose to earn funds by making space for ads. huh…

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