left-over flurries

And when we don’t say good-bye, it’s because we thinks our leaving fits between the second and third hello.  But. (Or is it: Or?)  At what point do we think that’s the last of it? The last of thefts, the last of totaled vehicles? The last of someone’s hello?

Some people wear their houses. I’ve had this written on a yellow Post-It note, stuck inside my laptop and every time I look at it, I wonder why I wrote that. Some people wear their houses on their sleeves. Whatever it is you want to know about them—the only thing you’ll learn will be superficial: where they live, the quality of their neighborhood, the color of their car. But: do they have, these homes they live in, do they have generous rugs?

E. B. White’s voice from the 1930’s:  He knows my cupboard and my crumb.

In the course of sorting out stolen keys and credit cards, compromised IDs, the difference between common scheme and and deceptive practice, we’ve encountered the stranger’s hug, the warm concern from key merchants and police dispatchers, and lent gloves from unknown witnesses waiting at the curb.  In this way, the disconnects in our dotted-life have begun to reconnect. Generosity of spirit appears from unlikely sleeves— from people whose houses are not apparent, and yet it seems they know where we are living now and why we’ve been losing sleep.

My swallows are smaller than yours.

For now.


About redmitten

author of Cracking Geodes Open, Making Good Use of August, and The Peppermint Bottle. poetry editor for IthacaLit. website: https://toomuchaugust.wordpress.com

17 responses to “left-over flurries

  1. wuffda

    What can you whip up with left-over flurries?

    • wuffda

      Throw rugs are an extension of my personality. I’ve old ones that suit me so well that I’ve had to rip out the backs from too much washing. Someone had the good sense to sell the rug backing separately. I don’t know who you are but I love you. Currently I am having a disagreement with the area rug in my family room. I want her to go but she wants to stay. She’s a fussy piece of work with dull colors. I don’t know what I ever saw in her but she knows it would be expensive for me to find a replacement. Smug carpet.

      • redmitten

        rox- i love the term “throw rugs” and that you rip out the backs and try to salvage them- well, you could be related to us. a smug carpet! rox rox rox, you should be writing all this down and sharing it with us!!

  2. I’m glad you’ve encountered goodness and generosity in all this.

  3. this post is sheer poetry. not a wasted word or line. just gorgeous. i don’t know how you do it.

    • redmitten

      i love that you have this artistic open creative embrace of life where you somehow get from cupboard to crumb to swallow with me. thank you!

  4. Sherry — You never fail to move me with your words. And what an amazing photo with the red snow fence and green barn beyond. Brava, poet-friend!

    • redmitten

      thank you! that photo is from the crow nation reservation. i took about 160 photos that day. last spring it was flooded and signs of the flood were everywhere still.

  5. Beauty out of pain.

    These words are gladsome tidings.

    If we pay attention, there are always angels.

  6. whatwhatwhat? have you really been subjected to identity theft? (i couldn’t tell if this was an actual occurrence or yet another of your lyrical tour de forces)

    if so, let it be over soon and so glad you’ve encountered kindness along the way. and either way…..this whole knowing of each other’s stuff ends up being so inconsequential in your capable wordsmithing hands.

    is my full moon rising tonight bigger than yours? reminds me of a zen koan…

    • redmitten

      we got word from the police starting last friday (3 am ) (and again last night) that they had arrested the criminal (while breaking into a home…fortunately not mine although she does have my house keys and my address). it boggles the mind how fast and how far someone will go with criminal activity. we have 17 pages of instructions on how to catch and hopefully further prevent identity theft. right now there are 10 places in town who had posted my daughter’s name on a bad person list. (it wasn’t her! it was the thief!!) she’s got a potential 8 or 9 counts of felony charges being added to her name, this criminal whose name i now know but will not repeat.

      i LOVE what you wrote about your full moon rising tonight and is it bigger than mine. we are on same plane. way sweet, amanda. thank you.

  7. Rose Hunter

    I did not even ask you for an update on this, in all my blah blah! Yes, what Kathleen said.

    “At what point do we think that’s the last of it?…” and all that first para. Of course you know I’m applying it to something else as well. Here’s to you seeing the last of this soon (the bad bits of it anyway).

    • redmitten

      and here’s to you not near the last of what you are applying it to. our talks take us to such good places. and thank you for caring about this ongoing saga of the theft and the accident. it will turn out okay and we are closer to having this over.

  8. Generous rugs, yes, are indicators of warm hearts. Oh dear, it seems the season for break-ins. Glad they got your thief. In our area, we still have one on the loose.

    Fussy rugs dull, in time, under the fullness of the sun seeping in. A hushed hue with a large vocabulary and sweet, reassuring words.

    • redmitten

      jayne, oh no! you have one, too? i am next headed to your website to get to know you better. your words here are indicators of said warm heart.

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