and when i ask her where she took the photo she says somewhere near the divide

Shown up missing.  My mitten, the right one with the Puffin logo and the worn-thin rubbings on the thumb. It’s happened before and eventually when Thumbs comes home,  he’s a wee bit embarrassed and doesn’t  say a word. Not one.

Listening to the radio this morning while throwing a tire off my back deck for Calzone (my herding dog who likes to play Tire), I heard lyrics to a C&W song explain the belatedly-obvious, what Southpaws (the left mitten) and I hadn’t been understanding: Sometimes guys have to get their rodeo on; girls don’t understand.

So while Thumbs is out getting his rodeo on, I’m wondering why we say something has shown up missing, when what we want to say is: Gone.

And in other gone news, Frankie has slipped into the lobby for the second time this week to sneak off with the daily TV guide from the local paper we provide for customers. He walks in with Godfather swagger, drinks the free coffee,  watches The Price Is Right on the big screen next to the coffee pot.

Twelve ninety-five he shouts for the price of a new washer and dryer sitting on the sound stage. One minute we are hearing him holler, Gloria, you are dumb! and then the next moment? Frankie is gone. And so is the TV guide I like to take home with me.

Photo by Liz O’Keefe



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6 responses to “and when i ask her where she took the photo she says somewhere near the divide

  1. What did I do before I started receiving your posts?!! A great way to start the day…one that I’ll spend in part contemplating what’s gone missing. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  2. Rose Hunter

    I would rather something show up missing than be gone…. I think I will say now that the things that have gone have actually shown up missing, until I get used to that, and then I will be able to say they are gone. But Thumbs – did he come back yet? I love how this “gone news” comes together…. What Karla said re your posts. 🙂

    • redmitten

      i like thinking about other ways we can ease into words. like shown up missing instead of saying gone. there are other times we need to slide into it…

      and thumbs! stay tuned because he DID show up. oh that bugger, ever with the escapades!

      • Rose Hunter

        Yes! Ease into. Some of them, it’s the only way…. Different from the slide.
        Tuned…. (to the Thumbs channel)….

      • redmitten

        tuned to the thumbs channel! oh to just take off and get your rodeo on! how’d that be! and end up in the limbs of a blue spruce. every time one of the mittens shows up missing, it is thumbs. once he jumped out of the truck window while i was in target with my daughter. we came out of the store and we could see him laid out in the parking lot….we ran, just like you see in the movies, slow-mo + yelling ‘noooooooo’ all the way to where he was flattened in the parking lot. and southpaws? she had stayed in the truck, had the radio turned to the rap station. yes!

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