angry basket

build me ~ rebuild
my river ~ stock pond
and Corrientes ~
cattails and green
rush ~ ripples die ~
wet sky ~ white
lies ~ scratch floats
~ every story

Photo by William O’Keefe


About redmitten

author of Cracking Geodes Open, Making Good Use of August, and The Peppermint Bottle. poetry editor for IthacaLit. website:

14 responses to “angry basket

  1. Karla Linn Merrifield


  2. the way the poem builds, the rhyming/repeating sounds, the excellent title – i agree with karla: Oooooo!

  3. I keep coming back to this angry basket.

  4. I like the semiotic nature of this poem and the relationships formed within each line which seem to be polarised ie. build-rebuild…river-stock pond…lies-his every story… for example, and this is even reflected in the photograph (no pun intended) with the colour in the background and the no-colour in the foreground, the tall vertical rushes against the horizontal ripples too, the dark against the light aspects of the picture.
    Poems are vessels I think, containers, and I wonder what may really lie in this basket, this angry basket?
    Whatever it is, whatever the true meaning of the narrator, this poem gives something of itself, not least a sense of place, but clearly there is more than that. Please pass on my congrats to the photographer too, such images have to be ‘seen’ to be captured. Enjoyed.

    • redmitten

      i especially like what you’ve shared about poems being vessels/containers. and yes, what really lies in this basket? something she cannot control?

      i’ll let my father know you like this photo. it is one of his favorites, from a place called broadwater bay, i believe. and your take on how the photo’s contrasts reflect the story- oh, my. spot-on.

  5. Rose Hunter

    😦 Burro. 😦
    Your angry basket scratches me, and speaks for me too. But his “every story?” I know, of course…. But just saying. To say it misses the point of an angry basket, but sometimes that happens too. 😦

  6. Kerry

    Is that your dad William O’Keefe? Tell him his eye is spot on! I am reminded of something in a song with these words…good for my ‘sad’ week. Thanks Sherry.

    • redmitten

      yes, this is my dad. the most irish, most montanan father one could likely know. he’ll enjoy hearing his photo has been enjoyed. i am sorry for your sad week. this has been a hard year for you. what song…?

  7. Sherry, a technical question. Have you mastered formatting/indentations on wordpress? I have not.

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