promo: squinting, camping and eBooking

I have a hard time using this space to promote my writing. I’d like to pull down the shade, and sit quietly. But on the other hand, I do want to support  the wonderful journals that have recently  published my work.  So if you are inclined to follow links:

Untitled Country Review  has my poem, Squint, in it’s latest issue. It’s magical and beckoning, this issue that asks you to imagine and step inside.

Naugatuck River Review is a beautiful print journal that features prose poetry. My poem, Camping at Six Thousand Feet, has found a good home in this journal. Looking for a poetry journal to support? This journal will keep you warm through this upcoming winter.

And for those of you who have been asking for a book of posts from this blog, I am happy to announce the eBook, The Peppermint Bottle, has been released. Prefer to have a copy of the posts in a printed, full-color book? The tree version will be out within a few weeks. I thank those of you who have continually asked for alternative ways to read these posts. The connections and conversations which result because of these posts make a difference in my journey. And I hope such is the case for you as well.

Click here for more details about ordering The Peppermint Bottle in a Kindle version.

My many thanks.



About redmitten

author of Cracking Geodes Open, Making Good Use of August, and The Peppermint Bottle. poetry editor for IthacaLit. website:

7 responses to “promo: squinting, camping and eBooking

  1. Rose Hunter

    Like?? Mere like? NO!!!!!
    The Peppermint Bottle (book) is awesome and amazing. The entries/vignettes: prose poems stand alone of course but the cumulative effect in the book is really ++. I am just a third of the way through, savoring it, but this is the kind of book you can come back to again and again. I’ve heard of people making their blogs into books but never seen it working as superbly as this. Many many congratulations and all the best of luck with the book although I don’t think you’ll need it – so wonderful!

  2. Sherry, talk about magical and beckoning! A collection of your writing comes forth? Congratulations! I’m in. I don’t read ebooks (yet; it’s inevitable, isn’t it?), but wait with anticipation for the ink-on-paper, analog model.

    • redmitten

      tim! the ink-on-paper is just one tree away from reaching your doorstep now. it’s in the final production stage. i appreciate that you comment and that my words beckon you. 🙂

      regarding eBooks, i really didn’t want one but my kids gave me one for my birthday and mother’s day last spring. what was i to do with that? i love having my walls lined with books. but then i flew to nyc and couldn’t decide which of my books to take with me. even narrowing them down to five made carry-on travel troublesome. this is when i started liking my kindle. i could take “all” my books with me. no choosing which ones come with me and which ones must stay home. for me, the kindle is in addition to and not instead of my ink-on-paper books.

      you made me laugh re the analog model ! thank you!

  3. wuffda

    Looking forward to your collection. Where to purchase?

  4. wuffda

    Oh, nevermind…I suppose it has something to do with the books tab at the top of this page (she said sheepishly.)

    • redmitten

      rox, you crack me up! and i so appreciate our friendship and the way you support what i am doing. the print version of the book will be available in a couple weeks. the e version, yes, can be found on the books tab here. or go to amazon and type in “the peppermint bottle” and order the book (and not the actual bottles that also come up when you search within amazon).

      thank you thank you!

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