watching the flintstones with frankie

Frankie’s back in the lobby again. TV cartoons, drinking late morning coffee. Cranking peanuts from the Shriner’s machine. Quarter, two dimes and a nickel. Short and wired, hooked Italian accent. Blue smeared forearms–tatts from the 1950’s.

 His car is parked behind my truck. I can’t leave for lunch. You know what I want he says to Little Bob working the service counter. Change for another dollar?

I want what Flintstone has with Wilma. Remote acting like a pointer.  In the background we hear Cartoon Freddy pounding on his front door, pleading Wilma! Wilma! to let him in after he accidentally does a  freddything and gets locked outside his home.

Oh, Fred! Wilma sighs on the television set.

We peek through our office doorways to see how Little Bob handles Frankie’s latest confession. We like it better when Frankie asks for a No. 2 lead pencil to work the crosswords in the  paper delivered every day by six A. M. to his  own front doorstep.



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