the broken cast iron bookend

How much would you pay for porcupine quills from South Africa? Or the door hinge from a miner’s shack circa 1927? A broken, cast iron wall fixture?

Some things still have life left in them, and some might have too much.

When you find yourself at a Yard Sale you learn there are things you must ask yourself:  how much is too much; what will you do if someone says you shouldn’t want it if it’s broken; and what all else could ManOverAbility mean?

The Broken Cast Iron Bookend: 25 cents


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7 responses to “the broken cast iron bookend

  1. Rose Hunter

    Hehehe. I don’t know what ManOverAbility is, all I know is I don’t have it….

    The Broken Cast Iron Bookend was worth it at any price. (Well, you know.) It’s very attractive, anyway.

    • redmitten

      wha? no willie nelson debate?

      i haven’t figured out what in my life comes with manoverability, or the lack of it is part of what is causing the out-of-balance spin in my life. gotta think some more about it. 🙂

      and now i want to name something the broken cast iron. or maybe just the cast iron press. i sent my brother the pic of the once-again-useful cast iron and he texted me back that it was good when broken things became useful again. + yes it is attractive! (from one side…it’s the other side you don’t see that is broken.)

  2. Rose Hunter

    Ah, well the question: would you throw one of these bras onto the stage at a Willie Nelson concert (if you were wearing one of them) or would you wear a racier one, in order to throw it? I think we decided it was better to throw the racy one, but a shame to lose the racy one since they are usually more expensive. Then again, who cares. Give whatever you have, all of it, now.

    I like Cast Iron Press. We will discuss further! … Soon! Yes. Yes. Yes!

  3. Mary MacGowan Breckman

    Ah how I love your blogs!

    It took me quite a while to see “ManOverAbility” – wonderful. At least it’s only $40. I’d like some Manoverability, if you have any extras.

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