>deleted scenes


Someone lent me a dvd to watch. I don’t remember the title, but I do remember being warned only parts of it were good. My sister lends me books with sticky notes attached: “Let me know what you think of this when you are done reading it.” What that means is she didn’t like the book but wants me to read it anyways, just in case (JIC) she might have missed something. Do you know these same sorts of people?
The best part about the bad movie — turns out I went ahead and watched it all — was the section marked: Deleted Scenes. These were the scenes that told a different story (their own story). Sorta like the lines of poetry we strike from our poems, and put back into our cheater’s notebook for use in a future poem. Scrapers. Bits of memory.
Watching this movie tonight reminded me of a man I used to watch movies with — before we didn’t anymore. I sorta wish I hadn’t remembered. He would have to leave the room during the sad sections. And yet, he’s a movie addict and watches these movies over and over. Even now, I know if I were to call him, likely he’d be watching a movie with sad spots in it. Oh, I would say, if you are watching a movie, I can call back later.
And he would say: No that’s alright, I’m sitting on my back porch, the sad part isn’t over yet. I still have five more minutes.

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author of Cracking Geodes Open, Making Good Use of August, and The Peppermint Bottle. poetry editor for IthacaLit. website: https://toomuchaugust.wordpress.com

7 responses to “>deleted scenes

  1. >How fascinating.I am totally intrigued by the idea of "Deleted Scenes." I am going to create a poem of deleted lines…what an amazing idea from you…thank you!There are scenes that I can't watch. In LOTR, when Gollum is caught and "betrayed" while singing about catching fish–I hate that part and can never watch it. Or certain moments in Pan's Labyrinth…

  2. >I hate the sad parts too. Video is good for Picture Fast Forward, DVD not so much; but on DVDs the Extras are the draw.

  3. >You make me love everybody in the world, Sherry.

  4. >I agree with Hannah…it does sound like a great motivation for a poem…Isn't it interesting how moments of memories sneak back to taunt and haunt? I've been down that road…Please stop by my blog as I have something for you! :}

  5. >i've got those files filled with forgotten storylines, sentences i thought for sure i'd use in a future project. finally threw them all out. i like the lean feeling now. clearing the desk and clearing the mind.

  6. roseh400

    >Hello! I totally created a poem from lines cuts from to the river. It's coming up in Metazen…. It was way fun.What a gorgeous post. 🙂 This post is a great base for a poem, with an awesome last couple of lines.I like this image too.

  7. >hannah- i would love to read that poem!ann- yes, the extras are the draw. all the good stuff that didn't fit into the narrative.kathleen- ah! that's the best compliment i could hear. thank you.donna- i think we've been on that road together a few times! i recognize you. i'll stop by your place soon.amanda- oh i love the lean feeling! i've done that sort of clean-up and have at times extended it to the basement of my nostalgia as well. rose- as usual, you spark me!

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