Well wow, what do you know but Kathleen and Kass have included this blog in the Stylish Blogger Award List! 
I started this blog almost a year ago to this day and have so enjoyed meeting so many creative, bright, intelligent, generous and kind people. The rules to accepting this blog award ask that I name five more stylish bloggers and then tell you seven things about myself you might not have known before.
I would have included Kathleen and Kass in my list, but since they have already named me, I add these bloggers to the Stylish Blogger List:
Kerry at farmlass: This is where I go every time I lose my center. Kerry’s sense of art can be found in every word she types, every photo she takes. Her sense of Earth is everywhere on her blog. AND her Irishness is everywhere, too.
Marylinn Kelly : This is where I go, and this is who I hear from whenever I doubt myself. And whenever I want to find tough answers to easy questions, Marylinn has them. Her blog will really take you places.
Sarah Jane Sloat at the rain in my purse: Everything slant can be found and felt when you read Sarah’s words. 
* Amanda at Travels with Persephone: I get the greatest sense of Life Wide Open when I visit her blog. Her Greek soul and sense of adventure revives me every time I stop by.
* Magpie at A New York Magpie’s Eye: Love the way she shares the way she sees the world. Her artwork and photography opens up another world to me every time she posts.
And so now, a list of seven things you didn’t know about me until now:
1) I was late in learning when you cast with a right-handed reel using your left hand, not to take the resulting mess personally. There are two types of people in this world, as they say: the ones who have fun untangling the line with you, and the ones who storm away.
2) Speaking of storms, I was a stormy morning once in downtown Chicago. The storm went away once the shoeshine man let me shine his shoes.
3) I was caught without an umbrella in DC not too long ago. In Montana, it rains so seldom very few of us living here own an umbrella. As I made my way from the Holocaust Museum to the Smithsonian Castle, a man approached me from the curb. “You aren’t from around here,” he said. He gave me his umbrella.
4) I grew up within the spray of the Crooked Falls on the Missouri River. Friends would come spend the night and not be able to sleep. “What’s that sound?” they would ask. I wouldn’t realize for a little bit that the sound they were hearing and feeling was the sound of water falling. This is part of what I try to keep with me wherever I am.
5) Outside my bedroom window is a tiny rose bush. The miniature yellow roses bloom in November and in June. When I leave my house in the morning I check for new yellow buds even when it isn’t November. Or June.
6) Aligning magnets on the front of my refrigerator is a restorative exercise for every member of my family. The door is 72% filled; there is room for more. My daughter is the first to notice when something on the door has changed – the twinkle in her eye gives her away.
7) My favorite all-time video is my collection of Planet Earth documentaries. My son loves them, too. We both love the episode about snow in the Gobi Desert. Snow doesn’t melt there, it evaporates. Imagine that, we say to each other. Imagine that, I say to you.
8) I look for exceptions to the rule. When I play games, I make up new rules. Maybe break a few. Games that require cheating are the most fun. I don’t count to seven.

About redmitten

author of Cracking Geodes Open, Making Good Use of August, and The Peppermint Bottle. poetry editor for IthacaLit. website: https://toomuchaugust.wordpress.com

11 responses to “>styled!

  1. >Great information here, Sherry. It inspires me for what I might focus on in my own description. these blogger awards are a blessing and a responsibility.

  2. >Love your list, nature girl.I'm off to visit your favorites…

  3. >Yep! And yay for new rules.

  4. >Congratulations. I think that you are one stylish writer and are due this award. As for your choices for passing this award on…I don't know the other four "stylish bloggers", but I do read Farmlass Kerry. She's on the top of my blogging list and deserves this recognition.

  5. >wow. stylish writer! that would be a nice surprise!

  6. >Enjoyed your list – and thanks for the nod. I must get to this soon….smile

  7. >thank you, dear sherry, for the stylish blogger honor. your comments made my day. i loved getting to know you better through your list – i too, am enchanted by the sound of water falling. and yes, life is in the untangling, best done with humor. xx

  8. >Sherry, What joy, your comments and the award. Thank you very much. Stylish, in your case, yes. My notion of style touches on the visual and I am still using the same template I began with in 2008, but maybe my definition is too narrow…Breaking the rules or establishing new ones, that feels comfortable. Our waterfall is main-artery traffic a half-block away. It keeps guests awake, as do street lights through the curtains. If I could choose, I would choose the water.

  9. >Hi Sherry, Congratulations, and thank you for the links. I loved your seven things, especially the man in D.C. giving you his umbrella, and growing up with the sound of the waterfall. Magnets- if you condensed them, our refrigerator is probably about 30% covered. I also loved your stormy morning. I bet you surprised that shoe shine man, and gave him a memory.

  10. >as Annie says above, bless the DC umbrella donor.I am a 'line untangler' – more fun than the 'fishing'(or whatever else) usually.Congratulations Stylish Blogger.Since you mention rocks in your Profile, here is a rock story for you.

  11. >thanks everyone! since i've been blogging, you've all had a lot to do with the world feeling wider, more open and much warmer!

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