>under snow


If you fish the river, you know snow puts the river out of shape. This I did not know. And when I say know I mean I don’t walk around with this knowledge in my head. But having been told this it makes sense that snow on water would change the conditions of living beneath the surface. An avid fisherwoman mightn’t let the discomfort of a snow storm keep her from fishing — she waits until the river is back in shape. What goes on below the water line when snow falls?
In other news, my poem about scraping honey from a jar while sitting at a kitchen table among friends on a ranch, waiting out the weather, is due to be published in THEMA, a print journal. I can’t share the poem here until after its been published. But I’ve been wanting to return to said ranch and take photos of said jar and unsaid wood stove and the not-yet-mentioned fence line. My rancher friend tells me if I get out his way we could take photos. But know this, he says, his fenceline is under snow.

About redmitten

author of Cracking Geodes Open, Making Good Use of August, and The Peppermint Bottle. poetry editor for IthacaLit. website: https://toomuchaugust.wordpress.com

10 responses to “>under snow

  1. >Hi Sherry, Congratulations on the poem publication. Under snow- it must change the character of that fence, and I must admit, I never thought about the fish under water, when snow has changed everything.

  2. >I imagine the river under water…it must be a muffled, frozen world. Congrats on your poem being published. Will look forward to seeing it.

  3. >I came from Travels with Persephone, and I'm awed by the sheer beauty here.

  4. >congratulations on the publication! Wonderful photo,

  5. >Congratulations, and break out those snowshoes!

  6. >wondering how much the human soul is often under snow, rain, waiting for the shift in weather……many, many congrats on your publication. am waiting with anticipation to read your poem.

  7. >Congratulations on the coming publication, would welcome photos of the setting. In a snow-free place, the notion of so much resting, waiting, shifting beneath it requires contemplation.

  8. >Lovely, congrats, and Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. >Magical photo. Can't wait for your new poem.

  10. >Hi annie,apparently rain changes the water, too. I'm learning to look at water again as though I am a fisherperson.Hi kerry,yes, and imagine that sound!Hi lakeviewer,A true pleasure to have you hear. I'm so pleased you feel the beauty here.Hi craftygreen,Thank you! Um….the photo credit belongs to my father. The snow is glorious, isn't it!Hi amanda,your comment calls out to me – I, too, feel the spirit in everything. I tend to like winter, feeling as though the soul hibernates and replenishes.Hi marylinn,Contemplation – yes, yes. I think, too, the blood gets thicker and moves at a slower pace.Hi kathleen,Belated holiday greetings to you, too! Hi Kass-always good to hear from you (missing updates in your blog, but always glad to see you here).The poem will come out in a print journal and then after a bit I can post it here. I appreciate how supportive all of you are, thank you!

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