>going nowhere in plenty of time


The refrigerator in my kitchen is black — not that you would notice. Over the years magnets have showed up. Like pocket rocks, magnets show up when you don’t expect them. Because what do the gods say about expectation? Something something don’t attach yourself to wantnot and whathaveyous.
In my household (homehold) my homemates (offspring) rearrange the magnets as a way to center themselves. There is something soothing about standing in a darkened kitchen (maybe there is an oatmeal raisin candle burning on the stove) and realigning the magnets.
The day when my offspring (magnet realigners) will move out to their own kitchens approaches. I work at not thinking about it. I work at not thinking about back in the day, how it was each of the twenty hundred magnets were acquired. I trade memories for remembering right now — red peppers grow in a turquoise pot by the kitchen sink. When my son cooks dinner for us, he snips a pepper off,  grinds it for the sauce bubbling on the stove. I trade more pastward thinking thoughts for remembering right now a pile of illustrated books accumulates on the bench in the kitchen for my daughter’s first-grade students. There are no moments before, no moments after.

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author of Cracking Geodes Open, Making Good Use of August, and The Peppermint Bottle. poetry editor for IthacaLit. website: https://toomuchaugust.wordpress.com

4 responses to “>going nowhere in plenty of time

  1. >Left a note at your May 6 link, Outrunning Light Backwards. I think if we stand still, the backwards light will catch up to us. Let it do the heavy lifting. xo

  2. >This is awesome:"I trade memories for remembering right now":)There's a big difference between the two right?

  3. >for some reasons when i see these pictures on your blog…i always feel they're from some fairies in the forest. which is another way of saying, i find all this quite magical.

  4. >marylinn – i like your way of sorting out the universe. i tend to like to hold still, let things happen. i like the idea of letting light catch up with us. rose- you know, that line had me thinking the same thing. there IS a big difference and i've been getting better at it as time goes on. nicolette- what a wonderful thing to hear, i'm touched. it's like finding a bucket of light on my front steps, left there while i was sleeping.

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