>whale sound and leveler

>In the world of poetry,  Whale Sound and Leveler are offering us something more.

Nic Sebastian’s new website, Whale Sound, shares her recordings of poetry that affect her in some way or another. If you’ve not listened to her recordings before, you are missing out on a stirring experience. I signed up to receive an email every time she posts a new recording. If you are like me and need to read the text in addition to hearing the poem read, Nic provides a link to the text as well. Looking for an easy way to start out? Nic read my poem, “At Ruby’s Diner” last week. You can find her reading of it here. I feel honored to be part of this new project of hers.

Ever read a poem and wonder why it was published or what all one might consider in the poem? Leveler has four editors who offer one poem each week with their own editorial response to the poem. Fifty-two poems in a year, fifty-two responses for us to consider. I first became interested in the journal when I read Kathleen Kirk’s poem, “A Moving Vehicle” and Sarah Sloat’s “Can’t we put them all there” poem in Leveler. Both poems are powerful, and so are the editorial responses (click on the levelheaded tag on each poem’s page). This is a journal I’ve bookmarked to follow each week. I’m really pleased to see a new poem of mine, Mike , featured there  this week. Reading the editor’s response to my poem, I’ve learned something about the poem and a little bit more about myself that I’ve been afraid to consider.


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author of Cracking Geodes Open, Making Good Use of August, and The Peppermint Bottle. poetry editor for IthacaLit. website: https://toomuchaugust.wordpress.com

5 responses to “>whale sound and leveler

  1. >thanks for the great poetry links and just read mike….bowled me quite over….and also thank you for your beautiful and insightful comment at mine. x j

  2. >i read your comment on janelle's blog and had to find the author who wrote the words:we release our little ones out into the universe of fat stars and weathered chimesas the parent of a child i just sent off to college, that sentence gave me the chills…… i look forward to exploring your blog.

  3. >I will imagine how it feels to have a poem read with such attention. I would take it as honoring. And Leveler may be a further way into poetry for me, having their response as a point of reference. This is new territory and guides are welcome. Projects of honesty and integrity seem to enfold your work. As it should be.

  4. >Hi Sherry, Thank you for the links. I enjoyed re-reading Mike, along with the editor's perspective. Hearing your poem read was a great experience.

  5. >janelle,reading your blog is so satisfying for this wanderlust montanan. you have such an honest voice and wise perspective. glad to see you here!amanda,thank you so much for finding me! oh, my heart leaps hearing you have a child heading off to college. mine leave, come back, leave and come back. hope all goes well for you. marylinn,i'm honored by your comments about my writing. thank you. leveler- i've been reading other poems posted there and am learning more, too, about poetry by reading the editor's comments.hi annie,thanks for spending time with these two poems. i appreciate it!

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