* a flat of peaches ripening on the pantry counter
* football cleats on pavement 
* Scholastics book orders for K-6 books
* trombones and bass drums marching in a practice field three miles away
* the lazy drowse of a yellowjacket in my kitchen sink
* remembering the stick of spider webs from climbing apple trees

About redmitten

author of Cracking Geodes Open, Making Good Use of August, and The Peppermint Bottle. poetry editor for IthacaLit. website: https://toomuchaugust.wordpress.com

9 responses to “>promise

  1. >love the turning road, future unseenand the ripening peaches

  2. >Love the road curving into the dry hills.

  3. >Ah, beautiful! I love the very first weeks of autumn, when the weather is usually quite tender, before the big explosion of color in October.

  4. >What a great, intriquing photo! Visions are dancing in my head and I am craving peaches…

  5. >I always want to know…'what's around the next bend?'…would love to hear those trombones and bass drums practicing from far away…

  6. >risa,good to hear from you. i agree, love the turning road. and the thing about peaches is that you can't save them for later…when they are ready to be eaten- then that's the time to eat them.hi john,curving into dry hills….may i *lift* that line??hi reya,oh yes- what a great word for september…"tender". good to hear from you!hi donna,the photo is from my father, taken along "hardy creek". i'm glad to hear you feel the possibilities – i do, too. who knows what else is around the turn, eh?hi kerry,it amazes me that i can hear the marching band practicing when i live so far away from where the band practices. it's not a constant sound…it arrives on the breeze in bits and pieces.

  7. >Your promises made me think of the school year starting, and writing in general, with a new, sharpened pencil, the eraser unblemished. It all unrolls before us.

  8. >Hi Sherry, Scholastic book orders! You've reminded me, a monthly part of our grade school days. We're at the beginning of marching band season, and being band parents- so we're right next to the music!

  9. >hi marylinn,gosh, i missed these posts. i love this time of year for the very reasons you mentioned. going back to school was exciting for me, living in the country and never seeing other kids all summer. like a blank sheet of paper, school was filled with promises.hi annie,oh! you are a band parent? how fun! and i love your comment of being right next to the music. (good line for a poem, btw!). what instrument practices in your house? for me it was a trumpet (daughter) and an alto sax (son).

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