>regarding penny


I’ve not wanted to write these past days. Someone I never met, but someone who touched me with her words passed away while I was busy with my life. For those of you who followed Penny’s posts, likely you also know her car hit a tree while attempting to get out of the way of a speeding car driving in the wrong lane.
Some years ago, in a sappy movie I watched with a once-upon dear friend, a distraught wife spoke about everyone needing a witness to their own life. The rest of the movie escapes me (did Richard Gere get what he wanted in the end or not?), but the notion of witnesses to our own lives has stayed with me.
In this photo, we are standing at a viewing point set aside by the State of Wyoming. You can see the storm approaching — one of the few times I’ve seen the Sunlight Basin unlit during the day. I stood here a few years ago, listening to a once-upon dear friend reveal himself to me. What he said and why he shared a certain sorrow with me is an aside to how I still feel to this day about being a witness to his life.
With Penny’s passing, I’ve been thinking about revisiting the Sunlight Basin. I’d like to stand at that viewing point again, think about what I’ve witnessed thusfar in my life (am I listening as closely as I can?), and think more about those who have been my witness. The day this notion came to me, I received a bottle cap message  in the mail from a friend who knows me before I sometimes know myself.
“The bad news is that there is no key to the universe.  The good news is that there is no lock.”

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9 responses to “>regarding penny

  1. >I'm sorry your friend died, and like that.This simple idea of witnessing our own life has me taking pause. Something like this, some kind of ritual or gazing, would be right for me right now. I think I remember that movie- Richard Gere has two loves and gets in a horrible car crash at the beginning of the movie.

  2. >"The good news is there is no lock." To have been acquainted with Penny for such a short time through her photos and writing, I was caught by how affected I was when I learned she did not survive the accident. We are here to be of what help we can, into which category witness would certainly fall…a friend refers to an enlightened witness, which I take to mean someone who not only hears but understands, can help us turn the hard parts around. Your bottle cap tells me that, in spite of appearance, all is still in order.

  3. >I'm sorry to hear about Penny. I never went to her blog I don't believe, and I guess it's been erased now. It's strange and affecting, this sudden intrusion of reality into cyberspace. I was going to leave a comment on your previous post about the literary journal and then I saw this announcement in the comment stream and thought, maybe not. It seemed disrespectful to say anything about anything else.

  4. >It's amazing how blogging has connected some of us in certain ways. When I was a girl I had a pen pal who I had never met and felt as if she were my best friend. Eventually we slowed our writing and then stopped all together but I wonder what happened to her. Blogging is our witness to each others lives and I feel grateful for that. I feel that much richer for knowing that there are kindred spirits out there who someday I hope to meet face to face. Sorry to hear of Penny's passing.

  5. >I'm so sorry to hear about Penny. It'd also be a shock for me if it happened to any of my netfriends or writers whose blogs I follow, even though we're always going to lose these people when you're not looking.

  6. >Sherry, sorry about your loss. This was a very moving post; in fact, I was just thinking about how friends witness our lives and make them richer, more vivid and real to us through reciprocal observation and participation. What a great landscape to enhance that deep thinking. So glad we ended up on Whale Sound together!

  7. >to each of you,so good to hear from you, pretty much in the spirit of penny. i've come back to read your comments again and again- an enriching experience.

  8. >Dear Sherry,I know how it is to become attached to people through blogging. The loss is real, and I'm sorry you lost Penny, and of course, her family. I'm also glad you got to know her.

  9. >hi annie,it's good to hear from you on this. connections don't have to be physical, our friendships by way of blogging are just as real, yes.

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