>green corn moon


Thumbing through Facebook today, I came across a post by a fellow poet linking a photo taken from the internet of the moon not too far west of where I live. The small news article mentioned the August full moon is the smallest, farthest full moon. I did not know that, but might have figured it out. As much as we poets do and do not write about the moon, it plays into our lives on a daily basis.
Two nights ago my sister called to visit. We had some unsolved world problems to sort through, analyse and solve. Not a problem — we had some quiet evening hours available. I sat out on my deck and watched my pups keep watch over the bunnies hiding underneath my shed and  she sat at her kitchen table twenty miles away from me, looking out her window at her sheep pastures.
We could talk and solve problems until her flock of sheep became agitated. Sometimes they do that –just as my pups do. Unexplained agitation happens, we agreed. I asked her why she thought her sheep would get riled while we were talking. Check the moon she said. How can the moon tug on all the water in all our oceans and not tug on sheep and bears, coyotes and bobcats, husbands and tired children?
As we were talking, my Blackberry phone beeped. I had an incoming email from our brother (Hewhowaits) who live across the divide from us. He was on a moonlight ride and wanted to let us  know the animals were out in force. Bear, mule deer bucks, moose, elk and . . . as he snapped the photo — a wolf pack howling at said moon.
None of us knew, though, that this August moon is known as the green corn moon until I read the Facebook comment today.

Photos by Hewhowaits O’Keefe


About redmitten

author of Cracking Geodes Open, Making Good Use of August, and The Peppermint Bottle. poetry editor for IthacaLit. website: https://toomuchaugust.wordpress.com

6 responses to “>green corn moon

  1. >The fickle corn moon. I spied her just above the horizon at twilight four nights ago…a perfect illusion…blushed cheeks and matron's hips.

  2. >Who knew?! I love that you discussed how the moon pulls at everything. It must pull at me as well because I always have strange dreams on the full moon. I wake in the middle of the night to look at all the lovely shadows on the land.

  3. >hi kathleen,me, too! and what a name for it.hi nadine,so the same night mike was out riding and taking photos, and the same night mary and i were noticing how riled my pups and her sheep were, you were the one who actually saw the blushed cheks and matron's hips. (ha! love the matron's hips!)hi kerry,when my son was quite young, he couldn't go to sleep until i showed him through which window could we see the moon that night. he, too, loved the shadows. i haven't thought of waking up to watch the shadows in quite awhile…i'll try that soon.

  4. >You know that line in Barfly? "I guess it was just green corn" (?) I'm going to go google "green corn moon," now….

  5. >rose,and i'm going to get back to Barfly…

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