>in due time


We called our oldest brother Mr. Science when he wasn’t around. We being my second brother and me. My second brother being Hewhodangledoverdams or Hewhotrades. Whatever we didn’t know, our oldest brother taught us. Also (and this is an important distinction) whatever we knew, he had already taught us. 

Anytime the world baffled me, I could go to this oldest brother for clarification knowing I would later walk away feeling reassured. If he didn’t know the answer, sometimes he made the answer up and sometimes he would remind me some things come to us after a little bit.
Now, he lives on the other side of the divide from me. We can reach each other anytime, but rarely  need to. We don’t need to be in each other’s space to feel connected, but yesterday I thought of him. I’ve been waiting for a decision from an important decision-making-place. This place tells me that a decision will be reached in due time.
What this meant and where did the term come from was just the sort of thing to discuss with the oldest brother.
In due time? My first attempt at googling the phrase got me this. It’s a link to a hard rock album by the same name. Except the album used to be called something different. And except we should “note that some of these songs (from the original album) were not included in the official release of In Due Time, as they were replaced by other songs.”
I love when redundacy comes to me without any effort on my part. And I enjoyed, too, considering the artwork on this album. It features a clock with Roman numerals. The 9 appears as an 11.
Just as I started my second google search for in due time, I received an email from this oldest brother with  photos from his last fishing trip. The title to the photo of him sleeping fishing: He Who Waits


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author of Cracking Geodes Open, Making Good Use of August, and The Peppermint Bottle. poetry editor for IthacaLit. website: https://toomuchaugust.wordpress.com

4 responses to “>in due time

  1. >Somewhere, our names are on the Good Things Watch List. Stay in place, something meaningful will come.

  2. >I love, love, love your photo of the deer and the fawn. On our last vacation trip, we took photos, from far away, but they didn't nearly come out so good, of a mommy deer and her baby, following her in the woods. Let's hope that your good news comes, in due time, and that good things come to those who wait. Your brother's e-mail was perfect timing!

  3. >I love the moose and baby, too. All photos from your brother?

  4. >marylinn,i really like that "stay in place". those words were on my mind this past weekend- thank you for that!annie,the photos speak of a patient photographer (my brother and his wife). i saw my brother over this past weekend and told him i lifted their photos for this blog. he said "oh everyone loves to see me sleeping…"

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