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7 responses to “>untouched

  1. >too much August makes you rusty. Is this your take?In Melbourne the government is planning to offer people $2000.00 to trade in their old car, pre-1995, for a better one. This one would qualify, I suspect.

  2. >Hi Sherry, It's become beautiful! I love the combination of colors, aqua with shades of orange, somewhat organic (reminding me of river rocks), and the "frosted" glass. The old-time silver door handles are an added plus!

  3. penjandrum

    >Lovely colours – I wonder what its story is.Penny

  4. >elisabeth-oh what a good angle! it will be interesting to see what melbourne does with the older cars. the older my vehicle gets, the fonder i become of it…but then i am the sort to want to have one vehicle all my life. annie,and did you see the door lock? you have to swivel the cover to reveal the keyslot. this truck looks extra sweet when it rains.penny,i'll ask. it belongs to my brother-in-law who is on the same farm his g-father started. there will is definitely more to this pickup than its telling us, huh.

  5. >Gorgeous pic! Hello fellow Australian, Elisabeth! Yesterday my mum was telling me about this trade your old car thing. It sounds like the Obama "cash for clunkers." Only my mum says, "clonkers." I'm not yet sure whether that's her own word invention, or if "clunkers" = "clonkers" in Australian. Or is that with a "k"? Anyway. I wouldn't trade this beauty for anything!

  6. >It's lurvely….Re terminology: It's clunkers here. Clonkers gets it across though, too. 🙂

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