>no lessons here


Level is not a choice. A friend cautioned me: Sherry Sherry Sherry not everything comes with a lesson and so. And so, I’ve been trying to not think all the way through to the lesson offered by this sign. Let this sign just be enough. You may go up or you may go down. These are our only choices.

And here we have flies for the fishermen at the General Store in Cooke City. I didn’t ask what sort of fish feed on Mormon Crickets. No questions asked, no lesson learned.

Everyone’s angry whenever Joseph is around. So, this quote comes from my daughter and why do I share it now? So I can keep from searching for some sort of lesson in this photo. But let me just say one thing without there being too much of a lesson:  Randomness beckons curiosity.
There was a crack; she is broken. This is a line in a poem I have yet to write. In keeping with the lack of lessons here, I want to say I totally enjoy the crack in this sign. The waterfalls were to die for. They are just around the bend but you can’t see them from here. They will show up in another blog post someday. When we least expect them.
This is one of my favorite signs from my second-to-the-last road trip. Road trips are cause for great conversation, which afterwards can not be recreated. For example, who said this and what did she mean: It all depends on who gets to midnight first. It’s too far past the road-trip-conversation for any of us to ever know now what she meant when she said this.
But I asked a friend who called the other night when he could not sleep what he thought the quote might mean. He thought about this getting-to-midnight notion for a bit before replying: I’d want to get there before it happens. No lesson learned here, either- except to remember it’s unreasonable to expect to learn a lesson from someone who calls when he cannot sleep.

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author of Cracking Geodes Open, Making Good Use of August, and The Peppermint Bottle. poetry editor for IthacaLit. website: https://toomuchaugust.wordpress.com

5 responses to “>no lessons here

  1. >A personal favorite. (Will have to copy & paste.)http://www.coolopticalillusions.com/funny/funny-pictures/sign-has-sharp-edges.jpg

  2. >I like the way you photographed the exit uphill/exit downhill sign- I do have to ask- How do you exit uphill? Also, I suppose a person could stay put. (No lessons- just questions.)"It all depends on who gets to midnight first." Something about who can stay up that late? It's an interesting concept, getting to midnight first. How do you pull ahead in a race like that? When my son was only one years old, we wondered if he would make it to midnight, his first New Year's Eve. He fell asleep in my arms about 11:40, after a comfortable evening of wakefulness and a natural going to sleep.

  3. >I love these signs! The first one is made for me at the moment. The "only" especially, makes it….I love Annie's comment above: "How do you pull ahead in a race like that?" Hmmm….

  4. >Obviously the grass poked those holes in the steep grade sign.

  5. >mike,oh yeah, love that sign. um…you sure you didn't design it?annie,not many places offer an uphill exit. what is the saying, it's all downhill from here? not always. oh your son, twenty minutes from midnight!rose,i am always looking for the third choice, also. please do not quit writing as you go through this only choice coming up.rox,yeah, how does that happen here? (smirk)

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