>remembering the bridge


Bridges are a promise to return; bridges help you feel found when you are lost. These are lines I’ve written in poems during the last year. If I read these lines often enough perhaps they can be true. (?) I’m not sure I believe in bridges yet,  but I know about feeling found.
I am invited and have been urged to attend a wedding in my ex-laws’ family. Earlier I had asked my daughter exactly where the wedding would take place: Somewhere between Huntley and Hardin. A 37 mile span of countryside, squared.  My son:  Dad said you’d recognize the spot.
He called me yesterday, my former husband. He was laughing when he said:  Sherry, remember the bridge we parked on when we used to swim the creek?
I do.
This soon-to-be-wed niece wasn’t even a twinkle in her mother’s eye when the father of my children and I would sneak through the farmers’ fields  intent on cooling off. We were new to this area of the state so we spent our weekends exploring every gravel road between what we already knew and what we didn’t know. Sometimes all we had to dry off with was a blue oil rag underneath the seat of our old Ford pickup. It was easier to dry out in the sun, in a field of clover and alfalfa where — apparently — now stands The Wedding Place.

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author of Cracking Geodes Open, Making Good Use of August, and The Peppermint Bottle. poetry editor for IthacaLit. website: https://toomuchaugust.wordpress.com

8 responses to “>remembering the bridge

  1. >What a wonderful thing!

  2. >you always post such good pictures

  3. >I think you might like this:Dianne Reeves – BridgesI would like to know more about feeling found. Do you have a poem (or 10) about that?

  4. >It could be bridges – as in this case, which connects your past with the niece's present – or the simple trail of breadcrumbs (pebbles, fairy dust, peanut shells) that helps us find a way back. For me a lost feeling seems not about having crossed over something but having been through it. Will I recognize the path? .

  5. >"I am not sure I beleive in bridges yet." I like this line. I was doddling something about my Sayulita, mising-a-leg bridge, and I remembered you had mentioned something about bridges on your last post that struck me so I came back here. So often your blog often provides me with inspiration. Thanks Sherry!

  6. >Thanks for sharing these memories and the photograph! It give me a sense of peace, that after a time of trouble, a bridge provides a bridge back to good feelings.

  7. >kathleen,it was and it is a good thing. always good to hear from you.nicolette,ah, so good to hear that! thank you. most of montana remains fairly untouched.kass,wonderful link! ever since you posted to prompt me about feeling found, i've been thinking. there will be more to come. it seems to me you have quite a bit to say about said subject as well. (nudge)marylinn,oh i like what you said about the difference between crossing over something and having been through it. so much to consider. i don't know that i have always recognized the path, but what i have learned thusfar is the bridge marks a spot which allows for me to return but also for others to follow and find me. rose,ha, the same thing happens to me when i read what you write. i hadn't realized what a good line that was until you mentioned it. and now, let me tell you that Missing-Leg Bridge needs to be written – chop chop m'dear, let's see what you come up with.annie,this sense of peace is exactly what it seems we all experienced ove this past weekend.. my leaving the family was never meant to be a complete disconnect. that we can be together like this restores some faith in how redeeming qualities can be treasured with or without legal bindings.

  8. >:) It is a good line…Thanks Sherry – I will! (re Missing-Leg Bridge). It's buried in my notes atm, bound for Australia….

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