>he bet i couldn’t use these photos without writing the word g*lf


This is the state of my morning mind. Firing pins and pistons, elbow joints and knee caps are scrambled and disjointed — tangled up in bed. 
The grey matter doesn’t wrap around any concept until the finger bones wrap around this:
800 ml of filtered water later, pistons and whatnotpins have found each other, firing in every chamber.
Elbows and knees are once again aligned. I can leave the house now that my game is on.
(Apologetic Disclaimer: I visited my son at work last night. He caught me taking photos with my phone. I think he might have groaned: what can you write that would make these photos interesting? I said: I dunno, but let me think about it for awhile. He said: I’ll give you til High Noon.)
(Non-Apologetic Non-Disclaimer: The photo of my water bottle sitting on my desk was taken just moments before High Noon. I’m liking the looks of it.)

About redmitten

author of Cracking Geodes Open, Making Good Use of August, and The Peppermint Bottle. poetry editor for IthacaLit. website: https://toomuchaugust.wordpress.com

7 responses to “>he bet i couldn’t use these photos without writing the word g*lf

  1. >This would make a great writing prompt: Take 3 random phone photos and make something of it; a narrative, a poem, a story. You did great. How did you achieve that first shot? Is it a picture of something in your son's office? Or did you photoshop it?

  2. >What are the things in the third pic?

  3. >kass-since i started this blog, i've noticed photos are good prompts for me. in this case, photo one is a shot of golf clubs rotated and negated by photoshop. random shots off our phones can spark something! check out the blog "montana mornings" to the right of this blog. i don't know the bloggers but i enjoy visiting their site. they take a photo each morning and pair them up together — it is neat to see how the two photos pair up. random begats random begats creative order.hi rose,the things in the third photo are drivers. each year the golf industry comes up with bigger and better clubs. a driver is the powerdawg, the club you use to hit the furthest. each new club offers more yardage more power more more more. (ha). my daughter and i are anti-golf but my son is a good golfer and lives quite a bit in that world. this was my attempt to incorporate a bit of my son's world into mine.

  4. >That is a cool blog!

  5. penjandrum

    >What a cool photo of a drink bottle, and love what you've done with the golf clubs. Camilla and Sarah have a great blog!Penny

  6. >Oh…. How fascinating. "Rotated and negated" means? You see, you answer one question and you get another. It means made transparent? They're not usualy, right? (Golf clubs.) (Aren't.) (?).

  7. >kass and penny,dang, now that i've shown everyone that blog- they have posted a note to say they are taking a break until fall. jynx!(penny, see why i *heart* my water bottle?!)rose,i'm going to need to start taking notes when you write because you tend to point out something that sparks me. this time, i am thinking about the ways in which "rotated and negated" could apply to other parts of life, not just a photo of golf clubs.in my photo editor, i can click on "negative" and when i do so, that 3rd photo is a result of what happens. transparent heads on golf clubs are beautiful, huh?! and rotated, that takes your point of view and flips it 90 degrees. take your POV about anything this weekk and flip it 90 degrees. let's see what happens.

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