>nature and nuture


I watched this last week and woke up this morning with it still on my mind. Mind? Nothing of this video impacted my mind — I should say this was still in my heart or spirit. The leopard seal has something to share with us. I hope you take a look.

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author of Cracking Geodes Open, Making Good Use of August, and The Peppermint Bottle. poetry editor for IthacaLit. website: https://toomuchaugust.wordpress.com

8 responses to “>nature and nuture

  1. >Oh my god, that is truly unbelievable experience.

  2. >Instincts to nurture are strong for some.Instincts to preserve self at all costs are strong for others.Thanks for sharing this clip.

  3. penjandrum

    >That puts Leopard Seals in a whole different light – I won't just see them as nasty penguin and seal killers now. Thanks for sharing!Penny

  4. >I like his take on the seals reaction to having him in her 'pool', how incredible…as for those pictures you didn't take…not true. They are in my mind as a photo would be. Exquisite descriptions. I guess that's why you're the poet!

  5. >hi nicolette,good to hear from you. even the photo of the photographer was amazing.hi kass,that's a very strong point. my son's dutch shepherd (which lives with me) has a very strong protective instinct but also strong maternal instinct. after she barks you down, she wants to lick you to apologize and make sure you are ok.hi penny,who knew? and when the photographer spoke about shaking as the leopard seal approached him, i could hear it in his voice. had he not stuck around, we might not know this other side to the leopard seal.hi kerry,*blush*. i don't want to say how long it took me to find the words.

  6. >Unbelievable. It really does touch something deep in the core of the soul. Thanks for sharing.

  7. >I enjoyed this, and it reminded me of the Juvenile Fiction book, Julie of the Wolves. An amazing seal, and an amazing relationship- an "old one" taking care of the young, stupid pup, teaching him how to survive, and making sure he doesn't starve while she's doing it. I think my mind is making a story out of this, as I write- how, in her younger days, she was more callous, and she misses the child she didn't nourish to adulthood, or perhaps she's outlived all of her own children, and the photographer was a surrogate, assuming advanced age accounts for her great size.It reminds me again, of how arrogant humanity is, to think we have any more rights than an animal to live on this planet.

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