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When I first heard of this book, I stood in cyberline to order a copy. While Cheryl tidied up the finishing touches, I began to follow her poetry and her sister’s (Janet Snell) artwork. I knew this novel would help me understand some of the inter-cultural dynamics in my own (now gone) inter-cultural marriage. Anytime I can harvest wisdom and grace from another’s words, I am all for it.
On Monday, Cheryl will be stopping by Too Much August, to visit with me. A copy of her book will be given away to one of the lucky commenters on that day’s post. Stop by and harvest some wisdom with me. I know you’ll be touched by Cheryl’s words.

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author of Cracking Geodes Open, Making Good Use of August, and The Peppermint Bottle. poetry editor for IthacaLit. website: https://toomuchaugust.wordpress.com

7 responses to “>coming soon

  1. >Can't wait. What an awesome book cover!

  2. >Sherry? What is a 3 point switchback?

  3. >What a nice intro! See you soon…

  4. >kass- i forgot to ask cheryl about the cover(!). i'll ask her in the post up above. come visit with us if you are "in town".rox- a 3 point switchback: ok, so you know how a steep mountain road or trail is a series of side trails (think: hairpin), well after you go so far east you must turn west to keep climbing the mountain. on that particular trail, the switchback was so tight that a vehicle cannot make the turn without doing the forward, backup, forward, backup,forward manuever. hi cheryl, see you at facebook and in monday's post!

  5. >Hi Cheryl,I enjoyed your book, Shiva's Arms. You created a realistic and lyrical world in your book. I love Alice and her development of character. I recommend this book highly.

  6. >Hi Nanette! Glad you could stop by today. I appreciate your discernment, and I'm very happy you appreciate my book.

  7. >hi nanette-i agree with you. the development of alice was well done. and how about the recipes in the book? have you tried any of them?good to see you in here.

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