>inside looking out


The view inside the cabin, before chinking. The camera could not capture how it felt to be here. Words? I’m still working on the words. We spent time with other writers — trading tips, offering edits, exchanging experiences. One thing we all agreed on was that as writers, we observe. And when we observe, we take one step away from whatever is going on. Over time, a sense of distancing and a touch of isolation sets in. We are inside — looking out.
I didn’t take many photos of this place because I didn’t want to observe, didn’t want that thin membrane between me and everything else. I put the camera away, put the pen down, turned the writer down.

About redmitten

author of Cracking Geodes Open, Making Good Use of August, and The Peppermint Bottle. poetry editor for IthacaLit. website: https://toomuchaugust.wordpress.com

6 responses to “>inside looking out

  1. >that second image makes me swoon. i mean…wow

  2. penjandrum

    >Fields of wildflowers. Beautiful.I have been reading some of your poetry (linked to in the sidebar) and am in awe.Penny

  3. >You lucky lucky person! So lovely!

  4. >It is a brave thing to do what you did. Being creative with just your senses…I find sometimes that I am missing the 'moment' by looking at it through my lens, but then again…it gives me so much joy later on. The landscape you were in, is breathtaking. Hope to hear some words from there.

  5. >Looks and sounds like you had a productive time.

  6. >hi maggie may-good to see you here! yes, that second image knocks me down and then stands me back up. i wish the photo could share the way the air feels and the way your heart expands when you feel the vastness all around you, knowing so few people have ever been right there. thanks for visiting!hi penny-oh wow, thank you! i've been in a dry spell when it comes to writing poetry – comments like yours encourage me to try again.hi nic-thanks for visiting! i like thinking about how so much of the land up here is still *untouched*. i took a couple rocks from this hike and brought them home with me and i had a hard time feeling good about doing it because i realized i was "touching" more than i should.hi kerry,it's always a debate with me – to spend time with the camera or to keep the camera in the truck. i do want to write about it- am still sorting out what it all means to me. hi kass-i find i write best when i have something/someone to spark with. i don't write as well in a vacuum. i wonder what that says about me?

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