I sailed skylines on a scrap of silk
until I lost my fizz. My sparkle.
He called it carbonation.

He found me with the bees; head
in hand, I was slumped with woe.
I called this my crash landing.

He filled an empty mason jar
with eleven Zs from the buzzing
harvest. Unweaving web

from forest shade, he mended
the way I flew. Call it Kizz, or
call it Rize. Our horizons blurred.

Previously published in Prick of the Spindle. Click here.


About redmitten

author of Cracking Geodes Open, Making Good Use of August, and The Peppermint Bottle. poetry editor for IthacaLit. website: https://toomuchaugust.wordpress.com

8 responses to “>Reztoration

  1. >What a terrific poem. It matches the forlorn note from the generous person who rescued a stranger's keys. Thanks.

  2. >I like this combination too. Actually I didn't think of it as a combination until I read the above comment. (:))I like your new blog feed as well. Thanks for directing me to the fact that Mark Doty has a blog. I love his stuff. Looks like I've missed out on many interesting blog posts of yours while I was away. I'll come back and read!

  3. >thanks elisabeth-i'm pleased the generous nature of the someones in both photo and poem came across to you. with the recent tornado and resulting severe hail damage and flooding here, we are each experiencing generosity from unexpected places and people. one never knows what might give us lift (or rize or kizz). hi rose-well sometimes (probably, always) my dot connecting requires quite a leap at times. i'm tempted to call the number on the note because it would maybe feel good to hear the voice of someone so caring. but i digress….yes, mark doty's stuff is right up there, isn't it. i like the blog feed right now because it's easy to see when something new has been posted. post something new my tripper and your blog will rise to the top.

  4. >Well, look at that, isn't that magical. It rizes or kizes too? I should learn how to do that on mine. You should call that person! (on the note)

  5. >"…he mended the way I flew."Jesus in jeans…Love this.

  6. >Lost: Small brass object with grooved protrusion, serrated on one edge. "dnast"

  7. >I love the poem, and the note on the tree stump, both chronicles of caring.

  8. >hi rose- we should all have rize and kize, huh? i agree. one of these days when i get my best phone voice together, i plan on calling that number. stay tuned.hi kass-i love your comments. hi mike-found: one willy jeep unable to ignite without its currently lost brass object.*seapers*hi annie-when i saw the note, i felt so cared for and i wasn't even the one who had lost her keys.

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