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8 responses to “>we interrupt this program

  1. >A few minutes away from here, we were walking our dogs along the river. Charlie the Dutch shepherd was on full alert- tense and needing to be out front as though to protect us. What was up with her? We drove back to my house, just a few minutes away and just in time to race inside the house from the golf-ball sized hail. Then the tornado sirens started in. The skies weren't black enough or green enough so we wondered why the sirens. My son checked the view out my back door – not two blocks away, there was the tornado funnel cloud, stretched out in full glory. Didn't take us long to grab the pups and seek shelter in the crawl space deep inside my basement. All five cars in my driveway sustained hail damage- my son's BMW may be totalled. Imagine the force of hailstones powerful enough to shatter the backwindow of his car. I watched him digest the news of his damaged car. Oy. But then our cell phones started to ring, we were hearing reports of so many buildings destroyed by the tornado and homes of friends flooded to their ceilings. We feel so blessed – the damaged cars are nothing in the face of what might have been.

  2. >Like she said, "Holy shit."I'm glad you didn't stay out in it. I didn't know Montana got tornadoes.

  3. >That's extraordinary, Sherry. A tornado at your door, and not the happy Wizard of Oz variety. As you say thank goodness none of yours were hurt. Cars can always be repaired or replaced. People can't.

  4. >sad for the car…glad for the lives of you and your loved ones.

  5. >You need to add a "Holy Shit" check box to your posts. Amazing, and lucky, everyone was okay.

  6. >apparently montana is ranked something like 37th in states that get tornadoes. when will (my son) and his g/f and i were hunkered down in the crawl space, we had our cell phones. you think about those you love and want to make sure they are safe. so there were all sorts of cell phone calls/texts being exchanged. my son and i were glad beth (my daughter) was safe in seattle. when we each learned that those we care about were safe and accounted for, it got easier to ride out the storm. you guys warm my heart and make me smile with the *holy shit* check box. big grin.

  7. >I just learned of this on the news and I thought….hey! That's where Sherry lives! I felt a sense of fright for you and your family and was very aware of our connection….glad to hear you're physically safe. Must have made a lot of you say HOLY SHIT!(or shite as we Irish would say)

  8. >hi kerry-you know what, i think a holy shite is just the exact expression i've needed to hear. these connections we share and sense have a wonderful stabilizing effect when other parts of our lives get filled with a bit of trauma. i appreciate hearing from you and everyone else, thank you!

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