When we choose a path with more unpredictable moments, we may take on more risks. There are more instances when we must think on our feet when the feet are tired and want only to find the recliner in a comfy living room. When we fall, knowing we won’t land on said feet, it’s good to remember Navy Seals training: to roll upon impact. Feel the curve, be the curl. Anticipate the motion.
Why did you choose the path with more risks? Or maybe you are waiting. Or maybe you said no?
It isn’t that I want surprises in my life (surprises = unpredictable moments), but more that I value the curiosity that results. Two ounces of curiosity a week is equal to half a trip to the moon. I am sure I read that somewhere once. The grey matter tingles. Something inside vibrates. Imagination fires its after-burners.
From here, I am not sure what begats what but we no longer see just a red dot. We see without end. 
We are back to being able see the white sheet with its red dot hanging in the professor’s classroom while he asks us what we see. We see the classroom inside the building on the campus in the city on the edge of a sea that is reached via a byway that tunnels beneath the ships bearing goods from Britain and Denmark. Perhaps there are pallets of library books and barrels of sawdust on board. This we do not know. What do we need to know for sure? Lately, that has been my question.

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author of Cracking Geodes Open, Making Good Use of August, and The Peppermint Bottle. poetry editor for IthacaLit. website: https://toomuchaugust.wordpress.com

3 responses to “>curve

  1. >Is this yearning to know things deeply genetic? Do some of us 'jones' more for poetry than others? I love how your words curve and lodge in the horizon of my own curiosity.

  2. >OH, I love the puppy dogs at the door! This "Two ounces of curiosity a week is equal to half a trip to the moon"Is priceless! I want to put it in cross stitching and hang it up in my living room.I think about what information is most needed a lot, what do I need to know? What doesn't matter? What should I question, and what should I take on faith…Always, always, such a pleasure to visit you here. It's my daily fix of re-affirmation on all things good. You must have been a spiritual guru in a past life and have carried it on to this one.

  3. >kass-what a good question. i wonder about that quite a bit. sometimes i feel surrounded by opposites of this and so my thought is yes some of us do jones more for poetry than others. i like the way the words curved and lodged into your horizon!hi melanie-you warm my heart with your comments, thank you. i didn't know if anyone else would find these thoughts(posts) interesting, so it is good to hear when they connect with you. i was thinking about that half trip to the moon….sometimes curiosity delivers us into a place where we suddenly feel *YIKES, now what do i do?*. half-way to the moon is unfinished. but that sensation gets to be rather welcoming once we learn to accept and trust it.

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