>mittens hanging from a limb


Sometimes I talk too much about the same thing too often. I think this photo comes from an episode one autumn day when those around me had tired of the same walk.

(And here, when I say walk, remember that talk is interchangeable.)

There was nothing new to do. There were no bends in the road we hadn’t taken, no undiscovered beaver dams and weeping cliffs. And Sherry had nothing new to say, which is not such a bad thing. But

when she says the same thing again and again, then it’s time to change the outcome.

When we take to the road, there are some of us who say: Where are we going and what will we do when we get there?

I say: We might not get there at all.

They say: Then why the road trip?

And I say (and very likely you will say it with me):  Because it’s not about the destination.

Sometimes it might come out accidentally as:  Because it’s not about the $*%! destination. When one gets caught up in a cliched moment, one isn’t sure what modifiers she used.

I take a camera with me to take photos of small details and unexpected metaphors. To liven things up, I might have once mentioned to my road-companions that one never knew when a corner might be turned and there could be a sighting of a rare red mitten moment.
No names named here, but one of the someones once wore a yellow coat and once wearied of turning a corner only to find red mittens on a chopping block
or sunning themselves in a cherry orchard
or fishing for crab on the Oregon Coast. Yellow-Coat-Sleeve threatened to toss the mitten into the Pacific unless there were some changes made. No more talk about journeys. No more metaphoric mittens
or one day I might find them hanging by their thumbs on the limbs of a cougar’s tree.

About redmitten

author of Cracking Geodes Open, Making Good Use of August, and The Peppermint Bottle. poetry editor for IthacaLit. website: https://toomuchaugust.wordpress.com

7 responses to “>mittens hanging from a limb

  1. >I do believe it isn't fair to ask one to stop breathing.

  2. >Yellow coat must just accept certain things about the one who gave her birth.

  3. >And you'd probably rescue them from that tree! And/or get some great pictures, red mittens with cougar.

  4. >Lovely red mittens. They take on a life of their own. Thanks.

  5. >rox- you are wise and you crack me up. really, a wonderful combination. as it turns out Yellow Coat is so much like the one who gave her birth, one day she will be embracing her inner yellow sleeve.annie-yes! i want the photo of "cougar with mitten". maybe if i see it happen, i won't take the photo, but will capture and store it in my mind. maybe one day a good friend of mine will watercolor the moment for all of us instead.hi elisabeth- you see what i see, then. at the time when the mittens started with their surprise appearances on our hikes, it was partly to coax my fellow-hiker to see beyond what he felt was an ugly montana landscape. there were no surprises in his life anymore. i think surprises are all around us waiting to be enjoyed.thanks all for commenting.

  6. >My family often says, "Oh, here comes Kass with that damn camera."If a mitten lands in a tree and no one is there to photograph it……..

  7. >kass! this comment came across my blackberry phone in the middle of last night's 70mph windstorm. i laughed out loud. i like the idea that a photo of anything can still lead to something interesting. my family has the same "what? again? now? who cares about a bathroom door knob?" reaction, too.

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