>runner ducks and peppers


This is not the beginning of a runner duck.

This is the start of a runner duck.(And this is what you do to a photo when it doesn’t turn out so well. You crackle and crink it.) But what are you going to do when you find yourself at a ranch store without a good camera, and you hear the peep peep of baby birds? I used my camera phone and then pretended to shop for my own baby chicks. What were my needs? Would I want good layers? Or good breast meat? Turkey or chicken?
But then, I came across the runner ducks. These babies don’t waddle, the sign over their bin declared. These babies run. And they are quiet, compared to call ducks.
I marveled over the folks who purchased a runner duck, just because they are enjoyable to watch. In case you don’t know a runner duck, here’s a photo I lifted from the web:
What do runner ducks have to do with peppers?
A couple weeks ago, after crossing to the other side of the divide, some of us visited a cousin. And one of us took some photos of this rather cool portable greenhouse in her backyard. (Portable: five men and a wagon could move it).
So, inside the greenhouse were several trays of seeds. Sprouting was going on. Raise your hand and wave if you like to watch things grow. I know who you are. I guess I didn’t need to ask, but I wanted to see you wave, because it is exciting to watch life grow.
Ok, so some other well-meaning people had thought to help my cousin with her greenhouse. They bought her pepper plants, already sprouted and seeded and leafed and whatever else it is that plants do. They thought by giving her some trays of peppers that were a few months ahead of her seedlings, she would be happy. But for those of us waving our hands, we know she’s not OTT happy, because it is the process and not the result that enthuses us. We want the run, not the egg. The sproutings, not the green pepper.
And this is the photo that results, when once again you get caught in a moment without a good camera. You snap the shot, reminding yourself  it isn’t about the good photo,but rather the fun to be had — kneeling in the mud.

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author of Cracking Geodes Open, Making Good Use of August, and The Peppermint Bottle. poetry editor for IthacaLit. website: https://toomuchaugust.wordpress.com

4 responses to “>runner ducks and peppers

  1. >I enjoyed reading this, taking my mind from gloomier things, into something unexpected and fun. I'm happy to know a bit about runner ducks and pepper seedlings. These photos don't have to be perfect; they are perfect in the pacing with this text!

  2. >I agree, Sherry. Process is oftentimes better than results. A wonderful post.

  3. >hi annie,it's great to hear this, thank you. my life takes on gloomy aspects as well and i find time spent contemplating runner ducks (or their cousins, peppers in a greenhouse) just the ticket to move away from the gloom for a bit.elisabeth-good to hear from you as well. sharing the process enhances bonds with others. this has been on my mind since i posted this post. when my kids and i get together for dinner, we've been coming up with meals to fix together. what we gain from the experience has more to do with the chopping and rolling and folding we do in the kitchen together than the actual eating of the meal. probably i'll have some photos on that soon. thanks for the kind compliment!

  4. >I love photoshop. You did a good job here. Very artistic.

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