>she drew, she draws, she watercolors


I’m excited. She just wrote to tell me I have permission to share some of her photos and artwork in this blog. I need to pace myself, I know: don’t show everything at once. But take a look at what is outside her door:
We met when we were in first grade. I’ve talked about her before.. She drew and I watched. Probably, most likely, I talked. And talked while we explored our countryside.
She was a power camp kid, too,
but she lived five miles further down river.
Here’s another winter/spring photo from where she lives now:
First you gasp.
Then I tell you, this is her dog.
Cintae is half wolf. (Maybe I’ve spelled her name wrong?)
She works in and for the forest, this friend of mine. Nadine.
Here is a sample of one of her ten-minute postcards:
Sage and Rabbitbrush near Belfry

About redmitten

author of Cracking Geodes Open, Making Good Use of August, and The Peppermint Bottle. poetry editor for IthacaLit. website: https://toomuchaugust.wordpress.com

6 responses to “>she drew, she draws, she watercolors

  1. >No wonder you are excited to be able to share your friend's work, Sherry. These photos are breathtaking.

  2. >Wonderful photos. I love the wolf-doggie.Does she paint a postcard in 10 minutes? Really?You have an amazing and generous friend.

  3. >What is Cintae's personality? I wish I could ask Cintae what life is like on the edge of wild.

  4. >Great photographs. I'm glad your friend let you share them here. Her ten minute postcard shows artistic skill and sensitivity.

  5. >elisabeth, i will pass on your compliments to nadine. perhaps she will stop by and read them herself . . .? if i brag about her talent too much she might tell me to hush, but really, her view and her art are remarkable.kass, the 10 minute postcard is a bit of a watercolor exercise (if i remember everything she told me about this some time ago). she has a series of them. unless she comes up with a format that would make it possible for me to show some of her other work, the postcards are for now the easiest samples for me to share with you. she IS amazing and generous. and when she was seven years old, i watched her climb a shale cliff in a long pilgrim skirt in the middle of winter, sans mittens (!)rox- i'll forward your question on to nadine. it'd be great if you could hear her talk about her dog in her own words. annie- thanks for viewing and responding. i'll pass your words on to her.

  6. >After Roxanne asked the question, I tried to come up with a single word to describe Cintae’s personality. The only word that stuck was ‘complex’. It depends on the situation. Always she is alert and intelligent. Here at home she is confident, dominant (other dogs), and protective like her German shepherd relatives. She likes to play, racing around with sudden 180 degree turns, playing foot tag-and-fake. She is intensely interested in people who come to the door. She has a high prey instinct and chipmunks and ground squirrels drive her batty. Deer and elk catch her attention and when they run, she bobs up and down at the end of the leash and looks back at me (come on! What’s holding us up?!). When hiking in the woods, her wilder instincts come into play. A sudden scuff of my boot might send her into instant flight, before she turns and realizes it is just me. The times when she falls back and follows rather than leads, or simply refuses to go on anymore, let me know that we have come too close in time or space to other large animals (lions and wolves and bears, oh no!) for her sensibilities to allow her to continue on. She’s nervous and inconsolable during thunderstorms. Long rides in the vehicle make her anxious. She tolerates shorter rides because she knows there’s a walk at the end. My favorite traits? Her “Let’s Go!” attitude, playfulness, and pack mentality. Once accepted, you are always part of her pack. She greets you with a woo-woo-woo, picking up any handy ‘bone’ (rawhide, stick, sock, or oh my! someone’s underwear) and strutting around. It doesn’t matter when she last saw you…whether only yesterday or five years ago…once part of the pack, she remembers and is oh-so-happy to see you.

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