>crossing the divide


Through my daughter’s windshield, from my phone’s camera.
We followed my parents from central Montana, which was under lowland flash flood watch to an old mining town just across the divide, which was under winter advisory conditions.
Six hundred miles and meeting-ups with seven different groups of good friends and family. In only two days. Today I am tired but humming. Tomorrow there will be more talk and photos from my camera.
For now, enjoy this view from my passenger window.

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author of Cracking Geodes Open, Making Good Use of August, and The Peppermint Bottle. poetry editor for IthacaLit. website: https://toomuchaugust.wordpress.com

4 responses to “>crossing the divide

  1. >Can you believe this snow?Can you believe how good photos turn out from inside a moving car on a phone?

  2. >1. what Kass said.2. It is beautiful but I am an animal-sook and wonder how all the little critters and birds survive.3. think about the pioneers who travelled through there before the highway …

  3. >Beautiful!!! But I'm really loving the emerald hills of Va…I lived in ID for 13 years growing up, I rem. and I remember I don't like the cold!!! LOL.

  4. >kass- the closer we got to butte (the old mining town), the deeper the snow. i don't know if the olympic speedskaters still train there, but they used to because of the 9 months of winter weather and the altitude (something around 6300 feet). and yeah! i was amazed at how well the photos came out on a phone, with my daughter driving, attempting to break the speed of sound….ann, i always think the same thing, wondering if the wildlife has shed their winter coat too soon (because until this snowstorm, this area had been enjoying green spring weather for about 3 weeks). i also feel the life of the pioneers here as well. somewhere in my blog is a post about the mullan road, which was one of the first connections between montana and the pacific coast. my dad has taken photos of some of the traces of that trail, through tall stands of prairie grass. melanie, hey i didn't know you had those idaho years in you! what part? i've wanted to get to virginia for some years now, perhaps some winter time, eh?

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