>center of nowhere


On the road from here to there, from now to back then. We’ll pass through the center of nowhere.
  I promised my daughter I wouldn’t take her photo, only of her new ride.
The weather advisory warned of ponding on lowland roads.
We left on a rainy morning.
In every direction, four strong winds.
In 221 miles, there are perhaps two places to buy gas. This is not one of those places.  This is the center of where those four strong winds blow. But still, I like to stop here and I’ve taken some photos to show you why.
The grocery portion has two aisles. See the antler on the rope? It hangs above the area where the cashier stands. When her customer is ready to leave the store, arms full of groceries (the only place to buy groceries in a 100 mile radius), she reaches up and pulls the antlers down, which causes the door to open. Cool, huh?
This is my favorite moment on the trip. Around the corner from the luncheon counter (sits five) and down a rickety flight of yellow wooden stairs, and then around one more corner, is the bathroom. I love this doorknob. The keyhole doesn’t work.
While I was taking this photo, someone told me I am easily amused.
 Public phone for anyone who needs to use it. Oh, and the county directory.

Back on the road again. No, we aren’t there yet, but by now we are feeling like we are halfway back to the past. Then? Cue the train and its whistle to escort you the rest of the way.


About redmitten

author of Cracking Geodes Open, Making Good Use of August, and The Peppermint Bottle. poetry editor for IthacaLit. website: https://toomuchaugust.wordpress.com

8 responses to “>center of nowhere

  1. >I like how you *didn't* take your daughter's picture. The rotary phone and the antlers were perfect, what an amazing place. Thanks for sharing.

  2. >I just had a thought. Following blogs is like our own expanded version of reality TV, without the inaneness. So charming. I have doorknobs like that all over my house. I had to boil paint off of the metal. Took forever, but it was worth it.

  3. >I love those kind of places! Weird thing is that I actually had a dream last night of using a phone exactly like that!(except for the directory)These places are slowly disappearing and its good to see one still alive…

  4. >Why are there never any pictures of the blogger?"buredi"

  5. >Why doesn't the weather service ever warn about owls? "Tonight we'll have a full moon and great-horned owls."

  6. >melanie- i showed my daughter the photo of "her". she rolled her eyes and said "oh mommmm". i don't know how it happens that our kids are toddlers one moment, you turn a quick circle and suddenly they are grown-up and behind the wheel of their own cars.kass- hey, what an idea! and i envy you those doorknobs. i loved the post you did on redoing your house. so much charm and wow, so much vision.kerry- we must be dialed in (ha!) on the same wavelength. i like the pace of life that goes with these places. maybe it isn't just about the pace of life, but the "make do" attitude as well.mike- well there was that one time when she posted her tugboat license . . . (gonalato)rox- i've told you this before but i'll repeat myself. you are a walking poem. i love that! this afternoon i am having doves cooing in my raingutters.

  7. >Wow…. These photo/texts (?) what do you call them? – are so gorgeous. That is a very attractive doorknob.

  8. >hi rose- hey thanks! i don't know what to call them, but it's good too hear you see the beauty in them. one of these days i want to get out the book, lonesome dove, and read it again. at least until i get to the part where the cattle drive reaches montana. this is called big sky country and the book goes into a bit of detail about why montana feels like it has a bigger sky. has something to do with the altitude/humidty (lack of)/god's country ratio i think. (smile). but seriously, there is such a big sky feeling even in the areas of the state that are not barren. this particular drive features the stretch of road that i featured in the wing window post. there is a solo bird house on a stretch of road where there is no sign of life for as far as you can see. (50 or 60 miles?) so why a solo birdhouse? who put it there? why there? anyways, so on this trip i warned my daughter i was watching for the birdhouse so we could stop in time to take a photo of it for that poem. naturally, i saw it only after it was too late to stop. and this section of the road has no shoulder on it. it would have been way dangerous to stop. not that there would have been much traffic, but cautious girl that i am, we didn't stop. we'll be on this road trip soon again and now we know when we see mile marker 14 that we should get ready to park and walk. stay tuned.oh yeah, great doorknob. and you know what i didn't mention is that one has to be sitting on the facility in said bathroom in order to get that shot.

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