>why? ask marie ponsot and edward hirsch



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12 responses to “>why? ask marie ponsot and edward hirsch

  1. >LOVE!!!!! I've all of Edward Hirsch's anthologies! And this: "Punctuation is only punctuation it is not the human voice."AND "I didn't know how to go through life without writing about it, poetry gave me names for writing what I felt…"Great stuff.AND "Poetry is underneath all the language that we talk." Yes. Thanks for sharing.

  2. >How wonderful! Thank you for finding/being aware of this and sharing it.

  3. >mel~ i need to track down more of hirsch's poetry. and ponsot, i was reading her work a few months ago, so seeing this video and hearing her explanations for poetry, yeah, is such great stuff. you quoted all the lines that gave me great pause as well.kass~ a good friend of mine led me to ponsot. i love the way one thing leads to another.

  4. >"Still Against War." I want to hang out with Marie. I like what she says about poetry being a way of approaching intense meaning, though we never quite fully grasp that meaning, thus we keep reaching–reading and writing poetry. "exhmeta"

  5. >approaching intense meaning . . .i think about the road signs without words that warn us of falling rock or the potential for deer to run out in front of us. and i wonder what sort of drawing would be on such a sign, sharing with us that we are about to approach intense meaning. a heart bursting? goosebumps? a stampede of wings?i agree, mike. i wanna hang out with marie as well.*senslam*

  6. >Maybe this: (probably need to copy & past)http://www.stjoan-center.com/topics/lepage.jpg"derse"

  7. >mike-*dang*there is a clearing, i am sure of it, to the left of her. ranglesh

  8. >…and we're all, in our own way, working toward it."umnet"

  9. >You might enjoy seeing that painting in person when you come to New York, Sherry. It's by Jules Bastien-Lepage, and is on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The word that got me in: catier

  10. >claudgedo you suppose some are more aware of the clearing, but none of us know its name? but, even if we were to know the name, how can that help at all? the sensation of approaching intense meaning- what is the name for that?i would love to see this painting in person. i imagine that you have? did you go there to see it or did you come around a corner and there it was?

  11. >That was lovely. thanks!

  12. >hey sarah,good to hear from you. i think i've watched this video 9 times. i click on pause about 5 times. btw, i soo enjoy your blog.

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