>flying burgers


Today was moving day. My daughter moved home from college. We’ve done this enough times we remembered how important it is to take a break every now and then. We also know where to go for that break. To a place that promises it can fly anything. Do you know about flying burgers? Do you know about Hot N Tots? What about Bee Bops? Oh and they can do a basket on just about anything on their menu. Turns out their large order of fries is a full pound. Fresh cut potatoes.  Now, back to the move.


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6 responses to “>flying burgers

  1. >What's a gem? I think I want an order. subcoma

  2. >A tisket a tasket, they'll provide it in a basket.All you need do is ask it.Sounds fun. I want the Butterscotch Marshmallow Shake.

  3. >I've never heard of Bee Bops or Hot-n-Tots in this context!

  4. >mike~ i want to make this sound more exotic than *tater tot*, but are you familiar with tater tots? you can order them by the quarter pound, park in tiny parking lot and watch the coal trains rumble to and fro.tropicretekass~ you are my first butterscotch marshmellow person. risKy!rose~ this place hasn't changed since the 1950s. you can order a green river too, even though it isn't on the menu.

  5. >Well, I broke down and googled that. Sounds refreshing!

  6. >rose~dang, i am a bad hostess. here, a flying burger is:take two pieces of bread, put the fixings (burger, mayo, ketchup, onion,mustard, whatever else) in between the two pieces of bread. then take out your handy-dandy fly-o-matic machine that presses the concoction together into a sealed up saucer-shape. the outside of the bread gets toasted/grilled (not at all greasy) and the machine seals the bread together and cuts off the crust.tadah- you get a round, sealed flying burger (though they will fly anything between two pieces of bread). if you ever get out of where you are, come here and i'll treat you to a flying burger. we don't give out the name of this place because it's the best kept secret in the state.

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