>helping kass feel better


I thought about titling this post “Smushed”.
A favorite story regarding my daughter has to do with a college paper she wrote. She earned her usual A but the professor wrote a note to her that a word she used in her paper, smushed, was not a word. She approached him after class to discuss how to conjugate the verb smash.
If smushed wasn’t the past tense, would it then be this: smash, smoosh, smooshed?
I try not to beam and glow about her, but perhaps you can see how she earns an extra A for charm?
Now, speaking of smash:

Balue is going back to live on the farm.
He’s seen one too many back ends of one too many big red pickups.
(Editor’s note: Sherry had nothing to do with this accident.)
(Balue never belonged to her, just to her insurance policy.)
(No daughters were, thanks be to heaven, injured in the above.)
I was allowed to post this photo as long as I kinda distorted it.
Jack (fka Derby) would rather not be easily identified.

About redmitten

author of Cracking Geodes Open, Making Good Use of August, and The Peppermint Bottle. poetry editor for IthacaLit. website: https://toomuchaugust.wordpress.com

5 responses to “>helping kass feel better

  1. >I love the word 'smushed'. Good on your daughter for her creative use of words.

  2. >Love the visuals that you have to go with the story. Smushed, smashed, smooshed, indeed. 🙂

  3. >Hi, Sherry. Thank you for your nice comment at my site. I love meeting new people, so I'm glad you said hello.Your daughter sounds awesome. No wonder she gets all A's! I like the word smushed. It describes those pictures very well, too. Seeing the back ends of one too many big red pickups could be a great poem or song. But I know it was no fun when it happened. I'll hang around and read some more. It's very nice to meet you!

  4. >smushed it is then!julie- nice to hear from you. now that you mention it, yeah! "seeing the back end of one too many big red pickups" could fit into a poem quite well. i have one about five white pickups, actually. i look forward to reading more of your poetry and hope that everyone at my blog will click on "you" and "mel" and "elisabeth" to link to your sites and read your work as well.

  5. >Oh, I feel so much better about my car now. I feel all smushy inside that you would post this picture for me of your indentured truck.

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