>yesterday we mowed lawns, today we shoveled snow


Spring in Montana means sunburn yesterday, roads closed with snow today.
I keep a coat in the back seat of Derby but realize I wear it only when the temps dip below ten.
This poem was published in the Wilderness House Literary Review.
I don’t have any photos of Tony, but he knows who he is.
Gas Station Guy
Tony, the gas station man,
names our weather. Sometimes I stop
for a quart of oil I don’t need
just to hear him say, “There is a touch of Seattle
in the air today, but tomorrow Phoenix
will blow in.” He shook his head ‘no’ when I asked
if he ever wished he could breathe
the real Pacific air; feel the Arizona heat. The trick
to life, he said, is to like it where you live.

*photo courtesy of my dad: William O’Keefe, April 30, 2010


About redmitten

author of Cracking Geodes Open, Making Good Use of August, and The Peppermint Bottle. poetry editor for IthacaLit. website: https://toomuchaugust.wordpress.com

4 responses to “>yesterday we mowed lawns, today we shoveled snow

  1. >So simple. So profound. So true.

  2. >I'm new to your blog, Sherry, via Kass's blog. I agree with Kass on the simple beauty of this poem. Thanks.

  3. >Snow, now, really?? Hey you should go over to Karyn Eisler's blog and send her some pics for her garden party, if she's still taking them…. Her link is on my blog….

  4. >kass – it's easy to get too caught up. one day when i was so caught up in all that was wrong in my life, all i had to get done that day, all that would never happen in my life (etc)… this was when tony came into my life. (actually, i came into his). a simple poem, but one that reminds me to keep my perspective. glad you liked it!elisabeth- oh good to hear from you! it's always good to meet another who is drawn to simple beauty. thank you!rose- for reals, yes. yesterday i was trying to get my daughter's new vehicle added to my insurance. my agent's office is in a small town in central montana. the roads were closed and only a couple people in her office were able to snowshoe (ok, so that isn't probably true.lol) to the office. almost couldn't get the vehicle added because most of their data lines were down as well. i'll check our karyn's blog. always fun to hear from you. i still want to submit something to your journal, btw.

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