>what the sun hears


I wanted to share my poem, Yellowtail Canyon, but too bad I didn’t have photos from the times I spent there. Drifting in a small boat, in a deep canyon, watching a black bear along the narrow shore, under a berry bush, leisurely eating berries. We call that The Life, don’t we?
So I thought I would share a few photos from the web of the area (aka: lifting). But when I started googling photos of row boats, I discovered something about myself. I liked the photos of the sunken row boats better than the photos of unsunk row boats. Out of respect to all the artists and photographers who have shared their work on the internet, I am not lifting their photos to share here, but perhaps you will google them . . .? Google “row boats”. And then google “sunken row boats”. See what you might learn about your ownself.
And now, having said that I would not post any photos of boats here, I decided that the photos from Stephen Taylor are too good not to share (below), along with a link to more of his work. Click here to view more of Stephen Taylor Photography.

Here’s my poem, which was first published The Literary Bohemian. If you don’t know this journal, take time to check it out. Yearn.

Yellowtail Canyon

He takes us out in Harry’s rowboat. We dip
oars together, paddles clack, rainbows rip

the river. We drift into a hush- a black bear rolls
onto his back and shakes berries from a bush.

We trust in thunder to tell us it’s time to row
back towards the shore. Wet rope anchored

to the dry side of driftwood, shelter found-
our backs against a stone. A space blanket spread

over us, we tuck our feet in. He tells me how we can
listen to the inside of a star by sending out waves

of sound. We wonder if the sun can hear
the chatter of raccoons, magpies fighting in the pines,

rain falling on our hat brims, the groan
from our boat sinking in cold canyon water.

 not a word
Above two photos courtesy of Stephen Taylor Photography.

About redmitten

author of Cracking Geodes Open, Making Good Use of August, and The Peppermint Bottle. poetry editor for IthacaLit. website: https://toomuchaugust.wordpress.com

4 responses to “>what the sun hears

  1. >This is wonderful! You have a rich sense of place. It does make me yearn.

  2. Pat

    >Wonderful poem and Stephen Taylor's photos are a perfect complement.Pat

  3. >I am railing against the sinking of the boat….

  4. >kass- am so glad the sense of place reaches you. what is it about a sunken boat that makes us reach out, eh? pat- so good to hear from you. i've wondered about asking you if sometime i could use your art here, but my gosh lady, your work soars! but still…..if you would permit me, i have some poems that want for your art.rox- and the thing is, the shoreline is so narrow, there's no easy way out. this is when a person decides to accept accept accept.

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