>When B Goes Bad

>Three weeks before Phone A went bad, the earphones went bad.

I bought new earphones. (I have a Blackberry Storm. I cannot hear well without earphones and am not yet willing to do the earplug thing with the Bluetooth).

Within a few weeks, I discovered the earphones weren’t the problem. Phone A was the problem.

A trip to the phone store resulted in a warranty replacement: Phone B. Yahoo.

Twelve hours later, B went bad. It dumped all my contacts. (Sidenote: If I’ve not called you, this could be why. Who remembers anyone’s phone numbers anymore?)

Five days later, the phone company (I’m trying to not name names here) shipped me Phone C. Yahoo. After the many hours at the phone store (first for the earphones and later for B), I  hadn’t wanted to spend anymore time in that store. (Dozens and dozens of hours. . .)

(Sometimes I embellish.)

Shipping seemed way easier.

C was shipped. Today, I activated C. 

Yahoo, I had sound. Yahoo, I had the ability again to store contacts.  All I had to do was presto-magico-flashito set up my email accounts and I’d be up and running.

C had no email abilities. I called the phone people back. Two hours later the people verified that I really did not have email abilities with this Storm.

Another hour of work, though, they were able to fix the email situation. Before I could  *yahoo*  though, I suddenly could not hear the phone people on C.

What the?

C had lost it’s sound abilities. (. . . and I was trying to hang on to my sound abilities . . .) No speaker phone, no earphone sound. So I held the handset to my ear like in the Olden Days.

The phone people shouted, “We can’t hear you.”

On Tuesday, Fed Ex will deliver D. I have been reassured that D will have sound, contacts and email abilities. Not to worry. Not to fuss. I can’t tell you how much that excites me.


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author of Cracking Geodes Open, Making Good Use of August, and The Peppermint Bottle. poetry editor for IthacaLit. website: https://toomuchaugust.wordpress.com

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