>Dreaming of Gus

>My sister called me the other morning.  (Not this morning, but you know. . . the other morning.) She had dreamt about getting a horse named Gus. She didn’t know a horse named Gus, but still it didn’t mean the dream was wrong.  Mary believes in dreams.

She was the little girl in so many nursery rhymes.

Mary had a little lamb.

Mary Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow?

This Mary, my sister,  might have replied,,“with all the pretty horses lined up in a row.” 

She was the little girl who wanted to be a horse. It shouldn’t have been impossible, afterall–we grew up in the country. Hills and a wild river. Plenty of room to run and chomp on prairie grass. 

As kids, we didn’t understand that just because we lived here we could not have horses. We didn’t own the land. But, my little sister reasoned, she could pretend to be a horse.

The path towards a horse is typical. Our paths are not short.  Albeit woven through periodic green pastures, the path is unbeaten and at times desolate.

It’s possible to feel as though all is not to be.
But then one day, a rancher came into her life.
And then another day came, seemingly all of a sudden although we know these things don’t happen quickly.
This is not Gus. This is Buck, Mary’s first horse. He taught her about dreaming.
The day after she dreamed of a horse named Gus, she received a phone call from the man who shoes horses. He had a gentle horse in need of a home. He had a white stripe in his red coat. He was only five years old and loved people. “What is his name?” my sister asked.
Of course.
(Landscape photos courtesy of our father. Photo of Buck and Mary grudgingly permitted by camera-shy sister. Photo of Gus? In a few weeks. Mary is riding him right now. Plenty of time for photos later.)

About redmitten

author of Cracking Geodes Open, Making Good Use of August, and The Peppermint Bottle. poetry editor for IthacaLit. website: https://toomuchaugust.wordpress.com

2 responses to “>Dreaming of Gus

  1. Pat

    >I love this story….and the photos are gorgeous. I have to see that country some day!Pat

  2. >pat-it seems to me the *beauty* of this is not so much what the eyes see, but how one feels with so much space all to one's self. i would love to share road trips up here with you should you ever find yourself in my area. the landscape photos in this post are current photos from my dad. in fact, as i was working on this post, my father emailed me the photo with the mountains in the horizon. he has no idea yet that it was just what i wanted to share in this post. i'll be posting a photo of gus one of these days. waiting on mary. internet just 20 minutes south of here is iffy. for her to email a photo of gus could take some hours of internet time. next time we actually see each other, perhaps she can bring me the photo of gus instead. (or perhaps, i can drive out there and visit once lambing season is over).anytime pat, come on up!sherry

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