>From Oranges to a Baby’s Opera

>Today’s post was to have something to do with a man in blue, peeling an orange while waiting for a bus. There is a poem about this in the hopper so I don’t want to say too much more about the man and his orange right now, but I woke up this morning, thinking I’d write a post about peeling oranges and such. I  started to search for a photo of an orange being peeled.

One photo led to another. On the 24th Google page, I found this:

Lost in nostalgia as I often am, my search for a curled peel from an orange stopped. I got caught up in http://www.gutenberg.org/dirs/2/5/4/1/25418/25418-h/25418-h.htm.
Do you know Project Gutenberg? It brings us such things as this:
I might be gone the rest of the day. You can find me at Project Gutenberg, listening to the Baby’s Opera:

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